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Luis – Aug 31, 2020

I got charged $118.88 for a sample of CBD oil, what a rip off, I disputed it and they failed to refund me, wow, I an so disapointed in a lot of lying & unfair companies. I was hoping to help others not get scammed like I did, my husband and I are onsocial security, I am so upset. They didn’t care.

Devin – Aug 22, 2020

Victim Location 03461

Total money lost $118.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw the add online, offering free cbd oil just pay shipping. So I ordered for my husband. As I was checking out it automatically added a cbd cream did not order that but couldn’t see how to cancel it. One item as $7.98 the other was $6.78. 2 days ago got a call from my bank checking on a charge for $118.88 from Muscle Strength Essential. Told them I did not order anything from them then after researching discovered it was from the same company as the samples I received. When ordering samples nowhere did it say I had to cancel within 14 days.

I called the phone# and spoke with a gentleman named John, he about laughed when I asked for a refund. I did get proof of cancellation but no way was I getting a refund. I told him I was going to dispute the charge with my bank and make it known that this was indeed a ripoff. It really didn’t affect him at all.

I just trying to keep this from happening to others. Such a scam.

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