Multidimensional witches

Larry – Feb 08, 2021

Instead of refunding people their money, she ignores people and deletes on comments on instagram. When i ordered from her literally over a year ago she mysteriously never had any tracking numbers to give me even when asked for them right after shipment. She also scammed my friend out of a trade and then continued taking orders after she claimed she couldnt ship anything due to covid.

Glenn – Jan 26, 2021

I have ordered from them in December 2019 yes 2019. It’s been over a year and I have nothing. She is kinda active on instagram but continues to ignore me and my emails too. I’m annoyed at this point. I tried to be nice and all but just mad that no bigger creators are talking about it.

Kurt – Oct 28, 2020

My boyfriend ordered me the Queen of Disaster Choker as a surprise, as I always wanted it, and then she never shipped it. She claimed that all orders made up until June would be shipped, I ordered in APRIL. Every time someone leaves feedback and demands refunds or the products THEY PAID FOR she shuts off her comments on Instagram. I emailed and texted her on instagram months ago with no response. Disgusting.

Stefanie – Oct 09, 2020

Never got my order and I ordered back in DECEMBER! Way before covid started happening, which she’s blaming her late shipping on!

Bryan – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 10031

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Many people have ordered from this company only for their orders to never ship since January. However she ignores and blocks them and “ships” newer products I can elaborate further

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