Crystal – Oct 30, 2020

Some guy who goes by the name of John Kennedy stole 300$ worth of bitcoin from my wallet. Being a newbie in the crypto market I had my doubts. I asked him which company he was working for and he sent me a screenshot of his so called company:
Maybe he was lying, I will never know because I never registered .
All contact was made through Whatsapp and I met him on a Telegram platform called: Binary Investment hub.
When I contacted the platforms’ admin I talked to a guy who goes by the name Harrison Mack. He wanted me to “invest ” more money and told me that John Kennedy was no longer with the company.
When I asked Harrson Mack to give me the company ‘s name and certification he told me the name of the Telegram platform (Binary investment hub).
After that he said that he didn’t want my money and he could still help me and make me profit. Told me to download Blockchain and then asked me for my logins.
When I told him that it was personal information he said it was the only way. I don’t think so!
Blocked and reported them both!

Brent – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 83713

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

THey say you invest an amount of money ex 500 then mine it and you need to pay 3500 to get your profit. And they swear up and down that you will love them and make everything better. They push and push to get you to get money but once you ask them if you can borrow from them they are too poor.

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