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Arthur –

Victim Location 78624

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received call from restricted number which left a voicemail stating that I was to call 844-659-5117 in reference to #***-***. Caller stated this was an urgent matter and was the final attempt to reach me before I would be served by a law firm for an outstanding debt in regards to an old employer. My husband was left a similar message for me but the caller stated it was in regards to his old employer. Then my daughter contacted me telling me that she was called and given this number and told it was an important financial matter for my husband and I. I called the number back and spoke to a man named Mark. When he answered he just said Legal support services. I gave him the reference number and he told me that I had an outstanding bill from 2008 from an ER visit that needed to be settled today or I would be served court papers. He had my name, and social!!!

He explained this was very urgent and that if I did not want to appear in court I needed to get this taken care of. Then asked me how I wanted to pay. I just laughed and told him I didn’t have the money. He said ok, we will serve you tomorrow at work. I was upset, but then started thinking about. Looked at some things online and called the number back today from work. I stated I was returning a call and wanted to know who I was calling. The woman would not give me any information. Stating "Ma’am, what was the message?" I said I had a reference number and gave it to her. She told me that number was for a C*** O***, do you know this person? I told her I did not. Then she went on to ask where I was located, obviously tracing the number and I verified. She stated they would take my number of this account, but then said they had just tried to serve papers here?! I again asked who she was working with and how they got my information and she stated they were a debt collection agency and that if I didn’t know this person they would remove my number and hung up. I decided to try calling again and see who I got on the phone this time.

A man answered. The man I spoke to yesterday. I explained I had talked to him yesterday and had some questions. I asked how they got my information, who he worked for and how they got my daughter and husbands numbers. He stated, "It’s all in your medical records. I told you yesterday that you have an outstanding debt with *** and dr.***." Different hospital but same DR. I told him I had no outstanding debts with this Dr. He then responded "This isn’t a scam!" and got even more angry. I said ok but I still want to know who you work for so I can report you to this Dr. He said Muller and Associates and hung up.

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