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Nathan –

Victim Location 32953

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been getting calls from a strange phone number all the time. The number calling me is: (855)201-4158. They have also been calling my brother, sister and niece, they all live in different states than me.

Usually, when I call them, nobody ever picks up the phone. I just hear annoying music.

I finally got someone on the phone today when I called their number. I’ve seen this phone number online on several websites, they ALL say the phone number is just a scam! They call people and say that person or their relative owes a debt to a payday loan company, or someplace else. But, they never identify themselves.

I called yesterday and finally, someone actually picked up the phone. They said I owe BCD Group $460. They said I borrowed money from BCD back in 2012. However, this is 8-May-2017. I had never heard of BCD Group till now. They told me to just Google them.

I asked them for the name and location of their company and they finally identified themselves. Most of the time, when people have asked this company to identify themselves, they wont do it! I have done some research on the phone number on line and there’s a lot of complaints about it being a scam!

They told me today, the company is: Ms Porter and Associates. They are a mediation firm from Riverdale, GA.

Anyway, I told them to quit calling my relatives and me. They said they have taken all the phone numbers, mine and my relatives off their list. I’ll soon find out for sure. I told them I’ll sue if they don’t quit calling my relatives. I informed them that their phone number is listed all over the Internet as being a scam and that I’ve reported them to the police. They got defensive over it and tried to say they are not a scam. Then they hung up.

I called back immediately and talked to someone else. I told her to "cease contact with me and my relatives or I’ll sue!"She got defensive about that to and hung up!

Back in 2012, I did take a small loan from a different company associated with something called: Hydra Fund. Online it says that BCD is somehow connected to them. However, I filed bankruptcy at the beginning of he year of 2013. This debt is supposed to be gone! But, the won’t leave me alone!

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