Curtis –

Victim Location 98277

Type of a scam Tech Support

On June 2, 2016 I received a warning on my computer to not go any further, but to call 800-401-8238 for help to solve the problem. My contact was Kevin Jones from MS INFOSOFT LLC assuring me to trust him in giving him access to my computer. He assured me he could determine the problem and help clean up my computer. His reference to Microsoft gave me a little trust that he (they) were on the up and up. When he explained their service, he asked me if I wanted to sign up for a 1 year, or 2 year or life time contract. At $499.99 for life I agreed that made the most sense. The part where I should have hung up was when he said he could charge the bill on my Wells Fargo Checking account. Several times I said no..but he kept telling this was an honest transaction and to trust him. I agreed and gave him my checking and routing numbers of my bank account. After a good half hour they supposedly removed many previous scam attempts, cleaned up my computer and sent me copies of a contract via DocuSisn, administered by Jeff Morgan. ([email protected]).

When I shared this with my oldest son, Joshua, and my local bank branch they convinced me that this was probably a scam by the way it was handled. The bank was unable to confirm the validity of this company.

On June 3, 2016 I went to my branch bank and began to change all of my accounts I also contacted credit card companies and direct deposit and bill pay accounts to cancel and start over with new account numbers. This process took three weeks. In the meantime I requested a refund on my check through the fraud division at Wells Fargo.

On June 20, 2016 I took my computer to a certified/licensed Mac service center to make any repairs needed. They also added a better fire wall and security link..

On July 6, 2016 I received a refund check for $499.99 from Wells Fargo after they found the bank in Boise, Idaho where my check had been deposited.

No questionable activity, calls, nor attempts to get into new accounts and new computer ID during July.

On August 1, 2016 I got a call from Kevin Jones asking me why I had my funds retracted. I told him I did not trust MS INFOSOFT LLC. At that point he requested that I give him permission to access my computer so that he could remove the security program they had given me. I said not until I make a couple phone calls and call him back.

On August 2, 2016 Kevin called again asking me why I hadn’t called him back. I said I was not accepting anymore connections with him and his company. He again tried to convince me to remove their program.

On August 3, 2016 I was able to have a very good affirming call with the Boise, Idaho A red flag was raised that questioned the practice of this company. I was informed of another similar scam going around with almost the exact same tactics being used. I was encouraged to go on-line to utilize this scam report.

If this company is legit, their tact and pressure by way of phone is way too convincing to talk anyone into agreeing to trust and use them. It became extremely unnerving as time moved on. I hope this report matches up with any others, even though I was a sucker to get involved. Company used email, [email protected]

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