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Catherine – Aug 21, 2020

BUYER BEWARE. I purchased the Blue Scorpion Peptide Venom on May 8, 2020. I received a different product a moisturizer Arnica Flower. When I was finally able to speak to someone after several emails and phone calls, the issue was blamed on the distribution center and promised they would send out the correct product. I received the supposed replacement which turned out to be the same Arnica Flower, again the issue was blamed on distribution center. After several attempts again I asked for a refund because this was getting to be a headache. I was asked to send the product back by registered mail. Which I did on June 6, 2020. It is now late August and I haven’t received a refund and when I can call all day and finally speak to someone I get the same lie, I will check on this and call you back. BUYER BEWARE

Linda – Apr 03, 2020

I bought MRVL blue scorpion venom skin serum online and I received additional retinol cream along with my order ; plus , they put me on automatic payment to receive their products every 3 month total cost of over $300. I have to call multiple times to cancel the order and you have to return your purchased products to Canada ! This is a total of scam! Never buy their products!

Robyn – Aug 08, 2020

Victim Location 95125

Total money lost $347.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found a review of their eye product online while reviewing Olay 24 retinol. There was a live video presented by Nicole Kidman, showing the application of the eye cream. Their product was listed as the number 1 best review. Cannot remember that review website or find it now. Like most sales, they offer a discount when you buy more. Mine was supposed to be buy 3 get 5 at about $180. Instead, I was charged for 5 at a total of $347. I sent an email about it but got no reply and thought I’ll just send it back under their 30 day money back guarantee. 13 days later I receive it. There is an insert in the box with jars of Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX. It states, “ Don’t you hate it when you can’t reach a live person when you want help? We do too.

At MRVL, real people are available with real answers and solutions.

We’re always just a phone call or email away.“ What a joke, no one answers their phone, no one answers their email. I am unable to get a refund on their product. It’s like they don’t exist. They use famous people to back their product to make it look legitimate. Not only that, their website promotes giving back to charities. Thank goodness I did not do that.

Neil –

Private1579113299- Actually you shouldn’t write reviews about a product if you dont know what you are talking about. First off if you paid $347 for 5 bottles of any of there items you walked away with the best deal I’ve ever seen or heard of. Regular price on any of there items lowest price Im yet to of seen is $129 for a facial product but if you got wrinkle creams those go from $229 each and all 3 of there’s in there line are absolutly amazing products. And if you are talking about the Peptide review above this product is worth the price you paid. I have been buying both products and have nothing but great things to say about there products. First I have done hours and hours of researrch on the products and ingredience used in there Blue Scorpion products and I have my fiance, father and mother all using it they are going into their 3 month each of them nothing but amazing results with absolute no side-effects. check out some of my pages and research on this one find out facts and truth about this amazing product and company. Thank you your welcome to reach out to me on my website if you would like me to answer any questions or concerns? Thank you Candice M California.

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