Movers & Logistics Inc Reviews - Movers & Logistics Inc Scam or Legit

Suzanne –

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Moving

I booked movers on Kijiji. I called the number on the ad, spoke to a man named NASIR. He quoted me $200 so I booked. The next day, movers KEVIN and MARSHALL show up. MARSHALL hands me a contract. It has fees on it (flights of stairs, pit stops, heavy furniture, insurance). MARSHALL tells me THE FEES DO NOT APPLY TO ME, so I signed the contract. KEVIN and MARSHALL load the truck. We make a pitstop to pick up a piece of furniture as I requested when booking with NASIR. They load the item in the truck. MARSHALL then hands me a $1000 invoice and says the total came from the fees in the contract and they’re not moving the truck until they get their money!!! They told me to call their boss, MICHAEL if I have any problems, so I do. MICHAEL says "Where is it in writing that the fees don’t apply to you? You signed the contract so you owe us the money". I eventually negotiated down to $800 and had a relative meet me and the movers with the money out of exhaustion and a need to move into my place by a certain time. THEY SCAMMED ME.

I attached a picture of their ad.

The company name on the contract is MOVERS & LOGISTICS INC. But the email address is [email protected] I called NASIR a few days after the move and asked for the company name. He said it’s on the ad, so I asked "Is it LOCAL PEEL REGION MOVERS"? He said "yes".

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