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Misty – Jul 29, 2020

Same thing with craigslist listing of a free grand piano, in Alexandria, VA this time, then contacted by a Dr. Smith saying he’d just moved to Chicago, piano belonged to his deceased wife and it would be up to me to contact Movers and Packers Courier. They texted me and sounded suspicious. Fortunately, I web-searched and found this site.

Kathryn – Jul 13, 2020

I was just about to wire transfer the “delivery fee” to these [censored] scammers.
My friend suggested me to google the moving company “” just in case which I did!

I saw this Kawai baby grand for free on Craigslist and this person “Dr. Williams said it was used by his deceased husband and that he wants to give it away.
Long story short, he emailed me back a few weeks later saying the piano has been already shipped to CA.

The moving company doesn’t even exist.
The person on the phone sounded like either Jamaican or Indian calling from abroad because the connection was so bad. I asked a few questions regarding the shipment of the piano. And they sounded like they were in a hurry, trying to get the deal done. I almost lost $600! Thank God! I caught it before.

Erica – Jul 10, 2020

Ok same thing happened. Her name was Lou Haven and her story was the same, husband died ect. BUT I FOUND THIS SITE BY RESEARCHINF! thank you so much. Something happened with zelle and I think my bank account mat have known it was a scam and wouldn’t send the money to that person. Then I researched because they were using various names for paypal. So weird.

Susan – Jul 07, 2020

Just almost got scammed too. Houston, TX. The exact same experience as Mary S above. Same entire story with names and everything. I was really excited, too! Something the emails just didn’t add up and wasn’t right. So, I kept googling to make sure the company had good reviews. Nope!

Don’t trust them. And like EricKing944 said, it’s extremely sophisticated. Don’t be fooled.

Here’s the email they sent me:
” First of all I want to apologize for just replying to you, I’m just getting your email now as regards the baby grand I posted some days back, I already moved to Chicago and the instrument was moved along with the rest of my things down here. My late wife owned it and seeing it around does bring back some memories which can be so difficult to withstand sometimes which is why I decided to pass it to anyone in TX.
Well as we speak the movers here in IL have the baby grand with them in their custody but I told them to keep it just in case of a need to ship it to anyone who showed interest. Let me know if you would like me to speak to them so you can make new arrangements with them to re-route it to your place.I think it worth the stress b’cos the item is quite expensive.


Dr Smith.”

Molly – Jul 06, 2020

My husband and I had a very similar experience. We were just married, and excited to find a free piano on Craigslist.
The supposed “Dr. Susan Bailey” wanted to give her deceased husband’s baby grand piano to a lover of the instrument. When we originally contacted her, she said sorry but someone else was already planning on picking it up. She then reached out saying the buyer had never picked up the piano, so it was being shipped to Chicago, IL, but we could contact the moving company, “Movers and Packers Courier,” to have it shipped back to Utah. We spoke with “Lori” on the online chat and “Steve” on the phone. We paid $305 through Zelle to have it shipped back before we went out of town. The piano didn’t come before we left, and we have been unable to contact “Lori” or “Steve” or any of the 3 numbers on the website again. We are now realizing that the whole thing was a scam. As we have to be frugal as newly weds, this is very upsetting to us. We are filing a police report so that these scammers can be caught to prevent others from suffering in the same way as us.
Others who have experienced a similar experience, please file a police report so that this scammer can get enough attention to be investigated further.

Dale – Jun 27, 2020

Same exact thing happen to us. Mover & Packers is a scam. We are out $460. Found the piano on Craigslist.

Alejandro – Jun 25, 2020

regional courier movers Halifax NS

I was to receive puppies from Jerry Simpson in Halifax I just had to pay shipping. He used this company. I sent him e-transfer for shipping. Then the shipper asked for monies for their shipping crate saying Mr. Simpson’s was up to their standards and the monies were refundable. Then more monies for pet insurance. all with e-transfers. I complied. Still no puppies now they want money for city permits…scammed. Beware of Jerry Simpson and Regional Courier Movers. Fake website! Phone #s only allow message and you get no call back. They also have online chat service which is no help at all. Actually thats the only way they communicate with you.

Melinda – Dec 03, 2020

issues still unresolved. my 2 puppies died while in their care. One of their employees was investigated, charged and fired for extorting monies from clients. the company owes me refundables and a compensation pkg for my puppies…can’t get in touch with them. I’ve left phone messages and emails everyday asking for my $$$. I’ve even tried contacting their barraster Jeffery Dean. I can’t even find info on him. I’ve searched with the law society and found one Jeffery Dean (criminal lawyer) spoke directly with him and after explaining my situation he said he was not their barrister. So I have no idea how to get my $$$. they do not return phone messages, they don’t resond to emails, and no one to help with online support chat system.

Jessica – Oct 17, 2020

I would like this report removed cancelled please
issue has been resolved thank you

Dawn – May 10, 2020

May 2020
ditto on the storyline but these people have a very sophisticated set up
complete with websites with live chat customer service reps and very real legt looking invoices with corresponsding verifyication by a fake cs rep
who instantly shows pics of the crated item, narrates the services of setting the item up… And takes the address you want it shipped to. The cs tells you an invoice will arrive in you email immediately with the details. Also you will recieve a separate email from the person who is verifying the payment method by cell text and then
by a follow up email… Very well set up, but thanks to this site… I was not scammed out of any money… Thanks to you all.
Recently they tried to scam me with the same story but dr william
a recent widow whose giving away her recently deceased last july,… Husbands beloved baby grand to whomever can use it…
There is no reply for 4 days to a week then suddely responds with sorry i was so busy… Then gives you a phone number, reference number and an email to the fake moving company they have a fake web address that seems real… A fake customer service dialogue chat box… This is where they match dr. William ref number to their warehouse and come up with you need to ship it back to you… And where to ship it to you – — so to what address do you want it shipped? … And then they send the fake invoice with their price… And then

the payment verification email comes to tell you where to send the money
how to pay the movers – offers zelle, bitcoin, money orders, or gift cards
for customers who cannot use phone apps to pay…
Wow they think of everything…
All this is to ship a piano that does not exist… From the good widowed dr.
Remember the dr. Is glad to see it go to a good home…
Scammers = reprobate criminals

Claire – Jun 07, 2020

Me too! Widowed husband, musician wife died, all I had to do was pay freight for free Baby Grand Piano, so I eagerly zelled over the money $450 and it was supposed to arrive today at noon, one mover and two piano technicians to set it up and tune it. Sad as they greatly disappointed a blind musician who has struggled a lot in his life and has just come to live with me a year ago. How cruel to rip people off! Cyber criminals? Wurlitzer baby grand valued at $4500 on ebay used.

Kurt – Apr 23, 2020

I answered the same ad in Tampa Freecycle, and was notified by Freecycle that it was probably a scam. The advertiser, “Dr. Mary, gave the same story about a deceased husband and gave contact info for Movers and Packers Couriers, 312-509-8501. I didn’t call them.

Tasha – May 07, 2020

Victim Location 06905

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

alleged woman on milford ct Freecycle giving away G2 baby grand piano.

moving from ct to ca – recently deceased husband.

movers asked to reroute stopping at my town 1/2 hour away to leave piano

cost 580. too much for that distance so i asked where is piano? it is already allegedly in CA

payment can only be made by bitcoin or money order- shown website sent invoice.

at this point i realize it must be a scam and refuse both "widow’s" emails and movers’ calls

reporting to you. i dont know if theyre here in ct or in ca. what a world!

Omar –

Same thing happened to me… but this time it was Dr Smith giving away a baby grand piano. By the time he supposedly read my email he had already moved from Texas to Chicago, IL. Movers were charging me $450 to reroute. Payment could only be made by Zelle, PayPal, Bitcoins, Venmo or money orders. Credit card is temporarily unavailable.
Bottom line – this is a SCAM!

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