Mountain Dew Drink

Katherine –

Victim Location 74055

Type of a scam Employment

I found a Craigslist advertisement that was saying if i put a Mountain Dew Energy Drink decal on my vehicle that they would pay me $400 for every week that i kept the decal on my vehicle. They only communicated through text messages and would never call me when i asked them to. In the initla text message they ask for the inidividuals name, address, make and year of their vehicle, and age. When i received a check for $2250 in the mail i texted the number the check provided me with for further instruction. The person/scammer was constantly asking me when i was going to deposit the check and seemed frustrated when i told them that it would take a few days for me to get it deposited. They said that i would have to wire $1750 to a specialist to come put the decal on my vehicle. Every time i tried calling the phone number i was texting the voicemail would answer saying the the TextNow subcriber did not have the ability to take phone calls. The number is (347) 625-3645. The inital phone number that i contacted from Craigslist is (313) 327-0595. They also claim to be with Mountain Dew Drink. When i was questioning how real the company they were saying was from the said "This is real and legit".

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