Motion Mator

Toni – Sep 10, 2020

Victim Location 30331

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!! – These guys play a good game I must admit…The way they have everything laid out you would believe that they are legit but watch yourselves.

The weird thing was as I spoke to the guy via their website "Chat Box" and he sent the payment link over to me. I made sure that the url had their website in it (which it did) and I went and made my payment. As soon as I hit "Submit" payment, I could see the chat box already typing giving me the next step which I felt was kinda odd because not even 2 seconds had passed by and this guy named "Greg" was giving me the next step….. Meaning, via the link that he had given me, it seems like there was some back-door portal where he was able to watch my screen and watch me enter my credit card credentials. However, within 2 hours after that I did more research to see more about this company and came across a couple of reviews that alarmed me even more so…. At that point, I asked for my money back via email…. At this point, their website went down and said "Contact Webmaster" for about 12 hours until I spoke to one of them the next day and confronted him about the scam and told him that I had reported this situation to the FBI and then he said "No go and look now" – Once I looked the website was back up. I had to contact my Credit Card company also to get them involved… They even used a FAKE address where it showed "Merchant Billing Address" on my credit card statement. – I investigated the address to find out that it went to a building in Dallas, TX that had 200 different businesses in it and the Property Manager told me that the specific suite number that I had given wasn’t real. They also use FAKE "Text to Mail" subscriber internet type of phone numbers. I don’t believe the main phone number is setup like that, but the other phone numbers that you receive from them after making payment from their Assignment Managers are.

Last but not least, they will SPAM your phone number after you do not do business with them. They keep having different 800 numbers spam my phone with like 5-7 Text Messages per day.. I end up calling and telling the dude to REMOVE my phone number and he said okay what’s your full name and phone number… After giving him that info, he then he said okay I just removed you out of the system. I did this 2 days straight back to back speaking to 2 different guys.. Amazingly, after the second call I started receiving more spam text messages that included my full name in it….Before that, they were only using my first name in the text messages, however, after giving my full name on the phone call when asking to remove my phone number, the texts started coming in using my full name. (First, Last) – Here’s a word for word of one of their spam texts:

"Hi, get new website designed and built by professionals for $299, lock your exclusive deal: bit .ly/3bATg64

Text STOP to end"

But even after you text STOP……You get a confirmation that you will stop receiving messages…But the next day or later on that same day other 800 numbers start spamming with other offers and deals.

Oh yea, there’s other websites that these con-artist have that are identical to their Motion Mator website and all have the same exact videos up and same website layout as ‘Motion Mator.’ – Now of course, now that I mention this, they may possibly go an switch things up a bit. But I’m exposing you frauds, and I’m sure you "scammers" will read this.

Nathaniel – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 10930

Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

Motion Mator was hired by us to create a product video. We paid them over $500. What they did was download footage from Shutterstock, smudged it together, and sent it to us.

We paid them $699 for a copywriter for our website. The content we received was misspelled and poorly written. It was full of grammatical errors.

They designed a website for us and after we paid them refused to provide login credentials.


They claim to be a US company but I didn’t speak to a single American.

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