Morris and meyers

Carl –

Victim Location 76544

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a company that did not disclose it’s name or any initial information to me, except a reference number and a telephone number to a company called Morris and Meyers. After many attempts to get someone on the line, i finally got to talk to someone, who asked for my date of birth, and then, loudly, told my full social security number to me in a room filled with people on phones, exercising no kind of security or confidentiality.

Then proceeded to tell me that I had a complaint against for outstanding debt, that had previously been paid for, by myself and my insurance at the time. They said I owed over $900 dollars and that I had received a notice by mail last month. I hadn’t, and I participate in the informed delivery service, issued by the USPS, in which they send photo copies of everything that comes to me by mail, so, I have evidence that it never came. Of course it didn’t come, because they are liars. On top of that, when I did arrange to pay the left over sum that I owed, it was a mere $250 dollars, not the $900+ they said I owed, or their last ditch effort offer for me to pay $635 directly to them.

They became belligerent with me over the phone, and when I informed them that I was recording the phone conversation, they immediately hung up, no longer interested in badgering me for the non existent zombie debt that they were so excited to collect just moments earlier. If you receive a call from them, record it, for your own safety.

Ricky –

Victim Location 90810

Total money lost $160

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company is a Fraud!! They called asking for money for a previous bill that I did not have. I looked the company up and they are not even credited. Do not pay this company any money. They mailed a letter for me to sign, so they can automatically debit my bank account. This company is a SCAM!!!

Jamie –

Victim Location 21213

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from a third party that gave us Morris and Meyers who claimed to be a law firm about to sue us for a debt from 1995. She said that had gone to collections in 2002 and now we are being sued for $1468.32 but we could set up a payment arrangement for 8 months for $939.41 or one payment of $513.93. She was asked about the Statue of Limitions but she stated that it does not exist for financials. I know that’s not true!

Steve –

Victim Location 83703

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people will call you and inform you that a via lien has been placed against you and see if you would like to settle it out of court they will not identify who’s file they will not identify the court that is being filed at and they are very pushy and rude

Larry –

Victim Location 32826

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 8 January 2019 i received a call from (305)570-2850 (Marathon, FL.) saying that a civil complaint had been filed against me and that i needed to call 1-844-838-9285 and given a reference number. I didn’t call. today 9 January 2019 i received a phone call from my elderly parents informing me that they had received the same phone call and that I needed to call the above mentioned phone number and given the same reference number. I called the number (Morris and Meyers) law firm in Riverside, CA. gave them the reference number and was asked to verify information, I refused to verify anything and asked what this was about. they told me that a civil complaint had been filed against me and that they could not give any further information until I verified my information. Again I refused and was told that they were sorry the could not help me and to expect civil litigation to proceed forward, and to expect a certified letter in the coming days. I am eagerly anticipating the paperwork…

Ian –

Victim Location 46979

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called by a number verifying my name and they informed me that they were confirming my identity in order to serve me documents regarding a complaint that was filed against me. I was given a different number to call about the complaint (877) 219-1270. When I called the number, I got through to "Morris and Meyers" and asked for more detail. Natalie Garcia said she needed to confirm my DOB and then informed me that a US Bank account, that was open from 1999-2002, was in default in by $847.18 and it was likely due to overdraft fees applied to a MasterCard debit card. She told me that it had been reported to the credit bureaus in 2014-2015, but I had never seen it. I called US Bank b/c I didn’t remember opening an account with them, and they confirmed that I hadn’t. I called Morris and Meyers at a different number than what was provided to me by "Natalie Garcia". When I asked if Natalie was available, she said I was speaking to her so I told her I wasn’t going to pay anything without written validation of the debt, which she said she’d pass along and have sent to me.

Krista –

Victim Location 92223

Type of a scam Other

I was contacted by this company and told that they work for the court and where handling an alleged case but refused to give me any information unless I pay them. After two employees got very angry with me and placed me on hold for 45 mins they came back and said that they had my information and hung up on me. They refused to give me there names. This company is not and agent of the court and illegally represented themselves as though they where. They also did not have the correct spelling of my name.

Ruben –

Victim Location 18840

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail concerning a judgement that they were filing against me from 2003. I never had this account . They hung up on me too.

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