Moritz Burke

Darryl –

Scammer’s phone +49 15735987560

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

Mr. Burke contacted me via Tinder, and then immediately with What’s App. He immediately stated that he worked on a ship and had to dive 100’s of meters every day and that his Job is very dangerous. He said that he has no Internet or phone contact. Hello? What’s app only is used with Internet Service.

He stated that he wanted to move close to me and was Looking for homes. Then he proceeded to ask if he could trust me. Over and over.

He said that he had a briefcase which was coming from a previous employer. He stated that they were being sold and were trying to pay off all of their debt. He said that he should be receiving 650,000 in cash and some important documents in a briecase as payment for what they owed him in back pay.

He asked me to please accept the Courier shipment of the briefcase until he could get off the ship and pick it up in Germany.

The whole time he was speaking of love and marriage, blah, blah, blah.

I agreed to contact the Courier – what did I have to lose?

I contacted the Courier: [email protected] They proceeded to contact me immediately assuring me that the package had been shipped. The contact Name is Frank Dennis, Operations Manager. There was no Company signature attached to his Name.

He gave me a tracking number which was attached to a Company called
Paceface Logistics. The tracking number seemed legitimate. The tracking number indicated that the package had been dispatched from Dubai to Germany. Enroute to Germany, I received a message that the package was Held up in Turkey and that the needed $3750 in order to pay for a (AML) anti-Money laundering certificate.

Of Course I immediately contacted Mr. Burke and informed him of the Situation and that I would no way pay for any of his fees.

He became immediately aggressive and agitated and stated that I needed to trust him and that I would get the Money back as soon as I could recover his briefcase. He stated, again, that he was working a very dangerous Job on a ship and that he had plenty of Money, but had no was of sending any.

I responded no and said I was reporting him and the shipping companies to the authorities.

He became very hostile and said very nasty Things to me.

In the meantime, I contacted Mr. Frank Dennis, who supposedly works for Delight Courier Service, several times regarding a legitimate email address and phone number. Of Course, he ghosted me.

So, Delight Courier Service, as well as Pace Fast Logistics seem to be fraudulent. As least, there are some good scam Artists who are pretending to be them

Mr. Burke, who Claims he cannot make phone calls, proceeded to call me today. When I didn’t answer, he blocked me on What’s app.

I have tried attaching What’s app Messages and email Messages, but your site will not allow it. I have plenty of evidence.


Delight Courier Service

Feb 11, 2020, 2:21 PM (1 day ago)
to me

Hello Suzanne, the package has arrived Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey for security check and the customs officials are requesting for Anti-money laundering (AML) certificate since the package is carry a large amount of cash and the certificate costs the sum of 3,750 Euros before the package can be released and allowed to leave for Germany. Please note that this is a required security procedure and as soon as the fee is paid, the package will be on it’s way to your address in Germany. We await a response from you as soon as possible.

Frank Dennis
Director Of Operations

Delight Courier Service

Tue, Feb 11, 3:06 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Hello Suzanne, the package for Mr Moritz has been dispatched and is on it’s way to your address in Germany. Find below the tracking information for your delivery.
Tracking Number: PFL094031978408-LOG

Frank Dennis
Director Of Operations


This is a huge scam ring and Needs to be stopped immediately.

Thank you for paying Attention.

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