Moran Pober

Kurt – Jul 15, 2020

Had one of his associates call me for an initial interview. Told him my M&A plan. Low and behold Moran is doing exactly what I laid out. Do not talk to these fools w/o a NDA and a valid mailing address for the person speak to. Might want to have an attorney present as well.

Cara – Jun 10, 2020

Hey, I’m in Moran’s program and I see those reviews coming from a single person all over the internet. I think this is very unfair so I decided to comment here.

Moran in his program gives a blueprint for acquiring businesses. It’s starting from business fundamentals and mindset through how to source deals and analyze them to getting financials to close them.

This is not an easy way to get rich. In fact, it requires a lot of effort, phone calls, and stress. It is definitely easier than creating a business from scratch though. There are ways to get equity in distressed businesses by offering services and turning them around to be profitable but that’s not the main thing that Moran teaches.

Moran gives so much support during weekly Q&A and email support that this is unbelievable. In the program, we also have access to Jeff who is an investment banker with 40 years of experience in M&A.

Here’s Matt’s review who is super active in the group and has got a few acquisitions under his belt.

Mary – Nov 17, 2020


I been charged on my credit card and asking you refund of my $5000.00 before 3-4 weeks and without using your service, not worth program for me. Seems like you are running this business to fund your self but not any kind of one O one supports at all. My credit card dispute is either not going through and you guys don’t have phone support or any physicals locations at all.. Scammers

Adriana – Sep 21, 2020

Victim Location 64870

Total money lost $52,000

Type of a scam Investment

Moran Pober is actively deceiving small businesses around the world and private individuals interested in working with private equity. He claims this can be done with none of their own money by offering marketing services to the business.

Moran and his company ABD Assets claim they are able to buy the business and that gives you the credit to get equity in it. It sounds really convincing to those who are involved and they get completely ripped off.

This is a long terms scam or "long con" where it takes a while for Moran Pober’s true motives to unravel. He has been able to cover his tracks but more people who have been ripped off are slowly catching on.

If anyone associated with Moran Pober tries to contact you, do not talk to them and do not trust them. Their only objective is to rip you off and convince you that Moran has a way to make you rich easily. This is a lie and the real truth is that he is a [censored] and a total scammer.

If you engage with him on anything related to business he can leave you bankrupt and destroy your professional credibility.

Calvin –

Your complaint is too vague for me to find it useful. Tell us how you got involved with his organization, what they told you to do, what money you put up, what you lost and how and what you were scammed out of. Please, tell the story in a way which could be helpful. Thanks!

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