Montgomery, Hunters, and Associates Reviews - Montgomery, Hunters, and Associates Scam or Legit

Suzanne –

Victim Location 38194

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husbands 86 year old grandmother was notified that there was a company trying to collect a debt for my husband. She gave me their phone number (901)316-3007. When I called I found out the name of the collector was Montgomery, Hunter, and Associates. They were trying to collect money from a credit card debt from Nov of 2006. They said they were taking my husband to court and it would be over $3000 after court costs and all. They wanted a payment right now and when I told them we couldn’t make a payment right now, we were then told to ask his grandmother for the money. Also when I called and mentioned my husbands name they wanted the phone number that was contacted not his name to look up the file. I did a little research and found several different reported numbers on the so called "debt collectors", and a lot of blogs about people being scammed by this company for debts that had already been either written off or paid many years before. Also I read that the statute of limitations in the state of Tennessee on something like this is 6 years. When I called back I asked to be sent some kind of proof of the debt in writing and was told I would receive an email the next day, which I have still yet to receive. Also I was told that an email is never acceptable, it must be written and sent USPS.

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