Montedoro Foods Inc

Gabriel –

Victim Location 27278

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

An email showed up in my inbox from Montedoro Foods Inc asking if I would like to advertise for them and get paid for it. I told them I would be interested in doing this. They sent me a check in the amount of 3950.00 and asked me to deposit it and wait for it to clear the next day. They wanted me to take 2950.00 out in a certified check and deposit it in a Bank Of America account for the Wrap Specialist to come to my home and place the advertisement on my automobile. They told me to take 550.00 for myself as pay and gas money. I came to the bank after being snowed in for a couple of days to get the check and the check I deposited has been charged back to my account. The Chargeback Reason is Closed Account on Capital One Account 7047810404.

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