Monster energy drink car wrap Steven Parsloe

Billy – Dec 02, 2020

Contacted Monster about a car wrap making 500 a week to advertising. Signed up and they only text you. Got a check for 2950.88 they said to keep 500 for first week. Deposit it he said and send him copy of deposit slip.Glad I looked online and found it to be a scam! There is no person’s name anywhere on here . I guess I’ll take it to chase bank and turn it in..dang scams!

Tara – Aug 14, 2020

I got the same letter. It was from a harvey davidson. Not steve. I did not cash check because i did research and found this. Thank you for the information.

Ernest – Jul 16, 2020

This is a scam completely. They stole checks from a 90 yr old woman. If you apply and get a check from wachovia bank n.a. This bank was bought out by wells fargo and it is a legit account. I took my check to wells fargo to have them investigate. Tyrns out this 90yr old woman had her check stolen and the same day i took mine in another person got a fraud report on them and had to pay back a lot of money. They have you cash the check and return a lil bit to show good faith. The real monster co has you do the work first then pays you. Do not try to cash it. Investigate it make sure its real then give the bank all that you were sent so these people xan be brought to justice.

Jimmy – May 26, 2020

Just received fake check
So embarrassing
I had also received another check from a emilee Cummins
I knew I should had done research but now I have to cancel my card
It’s not like they get much out of me but the scary part is I used my h&rblock card to deposit.
I only use this during tax time but I will have to re order.
Lesson learned.
I’m almost 44 and a single mom and this first time I’ve ever been scammed.
It’s scary cuz it goes to show you it can and will happen to anyone. SO LETS PUT A STOP TO THIS!

Pamela –

Victim Location 66012

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Inquired about a Monster energy drink wrap on my vehicle. Recieved a check from Suntrust purchaser Henry County B-O-C for $2950 the letter states to deposit the funds in my bank account and to keep $500 for payment and $50 for gas and the rest will be given to the vendor who puts the wrap on my car. Didn’t state who will do the wrap, i will not deposit this check. I’ve researched and saw plenty of scams about this.

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