Latoya – Jul 29, 2020

I bought two side tables for my bedroom & lost $200.00 on because I never got my stuff & when I clicked the link on the confirmation email it said “error”. If there is anyway anyone knew how to get their money back please let me know at [email protected]

Erica – Jun 17, 2020

I looked up reviews and it must have been a scam to because it was all a go. Ordered, then it was processing, then on hold… Still shows on hold and I’ve already contacted PayPal and received my refund when they did not respond to them either.
Don’t waste your time or your money.

Maria – Jun 28, 2020

I unfortunately did not do the research until after the fact so of course my money is gone. I could only contact PayPal through an email of sorts for potential fraud. I’ve yet to hear back & that was last week. If I may ask, how long did you have to wait before PayPal refunded your account? What was the timeframe between ordering and when PayPal refunded? Thank you. Susan

Denise – Jun 11, 2020

This website, Monicio, is a fake! Do not purchase from them. I thought I was purchasing a TV stand. They take your money via Paypal’s credit card ability, and you do not receive your item. There is no one to contact. When you check out, it appears to be real but the merchant details are Nguyen Ham Dat. It is not a legitimate website!

Melody – May 24, 2020

Victim Location 85756

Total money lost $109.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called to get information on my delivery and when I call phone number there is no answer or answering service. When I call the number it says the text message subscriber is unavailable. I had entered all my personal information and address as well as debit info. I’ve also seen other reviews where customers never get their product or refund after I made my purchase, I feel this is a scam to getting people to pay for a fake product and to never see their money again.

Angelica – May 24, 2020

Victim Location 85756

Total money lost $109.99

Type of a scam Other

I paid for a bed for my daughter through monicio and received a confirmation number. Everytime I check status of the website it is still processing. I emailed and called company but no response from them.

Francisco – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 35217

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Online Purchase

It’s a furniture website supposedly. I placed a order for a bunk bed on May 4th and the payment was taken out immediately. A few days later I checked the tracking and it said that my order is on hold. I didn’t think anything of it but it’s still saying my order is on hold 2 weeks later. I’ve emailed them 3 times with no reply back and tried to call the number on the site but the call is rejected. I filed a dispute with PayPal. I googled the address and another furniture website popped up with the same address

Ricky – Apr 16, 2020

Victim Location 60042

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Before I realized I entered my email address and password to sign up for an account tried calling business and no answer cannot access account on the site and address comes back to a home in ML

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