Alexis –

Victim Location 93306

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a text from a loan company named moneykey stating I was approved for a loan up to 8,000. I have accumulated debt over the years due to a lot of hard times and needed help paying my immediate debts so I could get back on my feet better. I stated I only needed 6,000 they wanted me to take the full 8,000.

I first got suspicious because my credit sucks I know this so I’ was reluctant to think this was a legit loan place. They told me everything was gold they just needed my banking info to direct deposit the funds soon. They said they’d call me in an hour. I receive a call and they state before I get my funds, I need to money gram 1,500 that they’re going to send me BACK to them for some sort of insurance purposes?

It all sounded extremely sketchy so I called my bank seeing as they already deposited the 1,500. My bank indeed confirmed the checks deposited into my account were fraudulent. And fake checks. So basically what happens when your bank realizes the checks aren’t legit, they take that and some out of your account and it puts you in the negative.

I tried to text and call the person after telling them my bank found out they were frauds but no reply. Please please be aware of these scams! I work so hard for my littles and family, it’s sad there’s scams ripping people out of there hard earned money and preying on those in difficult times. If something doesn’t feel right follow your instinct! ??

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