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Juan –

Victim Location 78073

Total money lost $47

Type of a scam Employment

This website did a great job in making me believe I could really make money online. The whole technique was something I thought was really a good idea. Because the majority of us are online and we like to shop online as well. I thought i was making a website to help ebay and amazon to sell there products faster. In reality, my website made no money in a 2 week period. I posted my website on all my social media sites and had family and friends as well post. However, I got nothing. no responses about the products i have online. So i decided to go with my gut by this time. I tried to contact myself. Because every website has contact information. I had to enter my information. and i haven’t received anything in the new email i made for this website. Not even junk mail like every email receives. So i placed a message to myself from my personal email. and hit submit. I waited to see if that email account was going to receive it. till now it has not. That’s when i knew it was a scam. And in the video when they lure you in, it clearly states if your not happy they will refund you your entire refund and you can even keep the steps of making money websites too. Well that’s all a lie. They don’t answer there 24/7 customer service phone and tried to speak live and nothing. However i did get an IM that they can only refund a portion so i told them i would send this scam of there to the proper authorities.

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