Money Gram International Scam

Edwin –

Victim Location 85756

Total money lost $12

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This is the second secret shopper scam I have received in less than a week. The first one I actually believed it might be true. It was he same exact thing the man in the article went through. I received a check for $2,880. I was instructed to deposit the check, take the money out, then go buy 5 Walmart gift cards totaling $500 each. I was to keep $380 for myself as payment. Thankfully after depositing the check, my bank denied it and told me it was an altered check. The only thing I got out of this was a fee I had to pay for depositing a fraudulent check (like if I was supposed to know it was fake) . I was texting the scammers back and forth with instructions until I stumbled upon this article and realized it was all a scam. I texted them that I would report them and they never responded. I received yet another fraudulent cashiers check in the amount of $1000 with similar instructions. I texted he number provided in this letter and told them to [censored] off . Of course, no response. I would just like to warn other people about this. It could just be that a bank actually releases the money, you go buy the gift cards, you send them all the information about the gift cards as instructed in the letter, these people use the gift cards to buy stuff online, then your bank realizes it was a fraudulent check and they charge YOU for the money straight out of your bank account. This is how they are getting people and profiting from these scams. People need to be warned.

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