Monaco Dobermanns Reviews - Monaco Dobermanns Scam or Legit

Diane –

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Other

$1000.00 deposit was placed for a male puppy from her spring litter. Spring came around and the puppies were due the long weekend in May. The breeder only had 4 puppies from the 3 litters she said she was having. I was told 8 puppies died due to placenta poisoning. Her second litter was only pregnant with 1 puppy and the third had no puppies. I demanded my deposit back and she refused to give it to me. She told me I had to wait for the next litter or I forfeit my deposit. I have spoken to 2 other people in the same situation as me. One person had the excuse that the mother squished her puppies as opposed to the excuse I was given. I only put down my deposit but one person had to pay an additional $500.00 in advance for ear cropping and the third person paid the full price of the puppy $2825.00. She is not paying anyone back, even the extra on top of the initial deposit that was required. She is overbreeding her dogs and stealing people’s money and keeps pushing back the dates for when they can receive their puppies. I have tried to settle with her and come to an agreement but she is uncooperative. She lies and does not care about people, only getting her money. She cannot be trusted as a breeder or a person.

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