Clayton – Sep 05, 2020

Total money lost $1,724

Type of a scam Phishing

False promise of making money no known

Address for contacting anybody

Phishing information through a link they give you to try and get referrals so you can complete the list in order to cash out it was less then five hours later when someone had tried to take money from my checking account which is attached to PayPal the amounts were small starting at 1.36 then growing as they day went on

Finishing at 248 dollars between this and all of the other amounts it came to the exact eqivilent of 1724 I did not find out about this until I received a notice from paypal telling me that my account would be frozen due to suspicious activity and I could not do anything with my account until I could prove my identity .I called paypal and they confirmed the email they had sent me I then checked my bank account to find many unauthorized withdrawals in the amount stated above

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