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Donna – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 91601

Type of a scam Employment

Someone posted in a Los Angeles paid modeling group on Facebook offering a job for $2500, with 500 upfront to show they’re serious. His English was broken, and had one Facebook friend with an Arabic name. Usually casting folk have a more reputable profile than that. I sent him my information (including address to mail the upfront check. I was skeptical but not convinced he was a scammer yet, I wanted more information). He then texted me a very broken-English message about how my check was coming in the mail, and how it was going to be the full $2500, but I’ll need to send the $2000 back to reserve the studio. I’ve seen this scam before- someone sends a fake check for a full amount, and asks for a portion back so that you wire the 2k and then the check bounces and then you’re out $2000.

So TLDR he’s posting looking for "models" for the brand Venus that is doing a jeans shoot, sends you a fake check that will bounce once you send them money.

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