Victor – Dec 05, 2020

Terrible experience with this website. Received a dress that looks nothing like advertisement, emailed to speak to customer service in regards to returning item. Went back and forth for a week about the return, was told would not be able to return because warehouse is in China and shipping would be too much. Was told I could receive a refund of $5 when the dress costs $44, emailed back that I would not accept a $5 return, received another email saying they would do a $10 return, emailed back that that still was not acceptable and I just wanted to return the dress and get all of my money back. Then I was emailed again and told I could actually ship my dress back to the USA Warehouse. So the whole time I was being lied to that the only warehouse was located in China. On the last email I received it stated that I would be responsible for shipping cost to send the item back but that they would deduct shipping cost from my return. Completely unprofessional experience, want to let others know not to order from the site. Dress quality was terrible, felt like trash bag material and looked NOTHING like the picture. Not going back and forth with these people anymore, will be disputing the charge through my credit card

Kyle – Oct 18, 2020

I was excited to shop at moddcute and work with a small business instead a large chain or big distributor. I knew that the three dresses I ordered were going to take additional time to come in and between processing and shipping it took 15 to receive the items. 1/3 dresses fit as expected but the quality and craftsmanship was enough for me to consider shopping there again. I wore one of the dresses to a wedding and was very happy with the look and fit. So 5 days after receiving the dressing I contacted customer service (per their return policy) to ask for a return label for the other two dresses. After going back and forth with them about why I wanted to return the dresses, the condition the dresses were in (never warn/ still had tags) and my education on reading their size guide prior to purchase, I was told it would be very expensive on my end to return the dresses and I should reconsider. I told them I would be happy with store credit as I liked their products but that was met with information about having ship them to China at my own expensive (according to the original tracking information the dresses came from PA and I am in NY).

With all that said I felt like I needed to write this review, my first review on a company. The products were great and well made but the process of returning and the customer service approach and attitude towards returns is to something I want to do again. When ordering only anywhere you always run the risk of something not fitting which is why so many companies have made it easy and affordable to return items in hopes the customer will buy more. I will not be buying from this company again and would recommend that others take caution as returning any items is a massive challenge.

Lindsay – Sep 14, 2020

Horrible customer service. I ordered a dress which seemed like a maxi dress from pics but when it arrived it was much shorter. When i sent a complaint email asking for a refund, they emailed bacm asking for pics to compare with their size chart. As of right now we have emailed back and forth 5 times without any resolve. They write back as if they haven’t read or understood any of what i wrote. At this point i will be sending them back pics but instead of the dress, it will be a F U sign 😊

Jermaine – Aug 25, 2020

I have been emailing this company for 7 days straight to receive a refund for two dresses I purchased on August 7th 2020. I received the items on August 17th 2020 and they were ridiculous. In no way shape or form were these dresses what were pictured on the site. Coloring, length and material were all off especially for the prices paid on these items. The material for both dresses were beyond cheap. I looked up their return policy listed on their website and followed the directions to start the process of a return. On August 18th 2020 I sent the first email requesting a refund and the shipping address to return the items. Throughout the next week, they asked me for pictures of the dresses TRIED ON, as well as pictures of the labels on the packages sent. (Note – all of these responses are at 3am due to the time difference in China so no more than one email can be sent in the day.) I provided everything they asked for. On August 24th they told me to give the items to a friend or charity and I could receive partial refund. I proceeded to tell them the only thing I was interested in was a FULL refund and to send me the address to return the items. To this email they responded that they would send me $4 refund credit and I could keep the items because shipping the items to China would cost too much and waste my time. THE ORDER WAS $73.57 SHIPPING WAS $7.99 AND THEY WANT TO REFUND ME $4? Absolutely absurd. This site is a scam. They know they are, that is why they give you the run around like this. I believe they do not have a return address to provide because they are a middle man and do not even have a warehouse or factory. I have contacted my credit card company to file a complaint and dispute the charge. I unfortunately believe this is the only way I will ever see a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE.

Dane – Aug 18, 2020

Horrible experience with Moddcute. I ordered a dress a few weeks ago and when it arrived the fabric was paper thin and it did not look like the picture they had on the site. I emailed them asking for a refund and they gave me the run around. They indicated that what I received was what was advertised and they asked me to give the dress away to charity if I wasn’t satisfied, without a refund. When I told them I wanted a complete refund they offered to give me a partial refund of $5! I paid a total of $45 for the dress. After going back and forth for a few days they offered to pay me $8 and I could keep the dress. They said the reason they don’t want the dress is because they would loose money shipping it back to China. That is not my problem. I called my bank to dispute the charge and I got my money back through them. Never again!

Bryan – Aug 15, 2020

ModdCute is a freaking JOKE! The dress I ordered is not at all what was pictured on their site. The dress I received had nowhere near the amount of material pictured on the site. The fabric feels like a SHOWER LINER-like straight plastic, who would want to wear a dress like that?!? NO ONE! I’ve never had this experience before with anything I’ve ordered online.

When I tried returning it, via their policy they said the dress was as pictured, despite the many ways I proved it was not. In the pictures it shows the dress completely surrounding the model as she sits down, there is no way the dress they sent can do that, it sits HIGH above the floor too, yet in the pictures there was excess fabric on the ground.

I told them I would never wear this dress and therefore it should be returned! They kept evading the return and wouldn’t send the documents necessary to do so. They don’t send a return label for this exact reason, they try pulling one over on their customers, because they know the items they show On the site are not what customers will actually receive and they make it impossible to return any items.

Im so disgusted with the dress I received and this site!


Bethany – Aug 13, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE! Their dresses don’t look anything like the pictures and the fabric is HORRIBLE. Their return policy is absolute [censored]. You have to send your dress back to China which ends up costing more than the dress itself. And they do NOT state that in the return policy.

Cynthia – Aug 08, 2020

Do NOT buy from!
They are complete scammers! When I finally received my order, it didn’t fit, so I followed instructions on their site to pursue a return. After getting the runaround and around 15 emails back and forth, they finally said, it would cost you $40 to ship it back (to China) and would probably get lost so may as well not bother. They then offered me $3 for my trouble…
Not to mention poor quality of items.

Kathleen – Jun 22, 2020

Victim Location 40245

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a very popular dress from this site and it did not end up being the same one as reflected in the images online. The dress I received has no front waistline or pleats down the front. The image attached is what I was supposed to receive. After further investigation this company is taking their images from other sites, cropping out the models heads and placing them on their site for purchase.

Monica – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 13440

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not order clothing from I unfortunately trusted this website after seeing multiple ads on my instagram and Facebook. I purchased two dresses from this website and my account was charged. This was over 2 months ago and I have not received my products. I have emailed the provided support email 6 times now and have never once received correspondence. There is no number to call and they now have my credit card information.

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