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Sierra – Aug 03, 2020

I contacted the breeder through their website. Right away he responded to me via text saying that they had beagles available for $500 + $150 for shipping the beagle. I asked if I could do a facetime video he said his phone was not a good phone to do facetime but he would send me an email. I asked him about the two reviews I had seen and he said that it was an error and it was currently being handled. After seeing the video and talking to him on the phone, I agreed to send him the funds via Zelle to Sandra Ledger phone # 903.392.1295. He advised that it would take 24 hours for his back to confirm that the funds were received. After that he never responded. Today he sent me a text apologizing and saying that his son fell ill and they had to stop working for a few days. That message came in response to me letting him know that I would look into disputing the charges and talking to my attorney.

I am talking to my attorney and will wait to see if anything can be done. From what I can see here they have scammed too many people and maybe we can suit them as a class action (I know all we need is 5 clients wanting to move forward with it). If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected]

Here is the email that they used to send me the video:
[email protected]
Cash App Info: $J5joan
Jack Handerson

Roberto – Oct 02, 2020

They scammed me as well through cash app and my bank would not refund me, so if you need someone to join your class action, count me in!

Keri – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 98059

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Other

Contacted the business Mobi Beagles about purchasing a dog after visiting their website. After receiving my funds for the dog, $700 + was demanded in additional “fees”. When I refused to pay these fees no dog was delivered and no refund was given.

Lacey – Jul 11, 2020

Victim Location 98059

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Mobi Beagles advertises that their pups cost $500 and they can be delivered for $150…however the "delivery service" then requires $700-$950 in hidden fees and they do not deliver!!!

Larry – Jul 02, 2020

On June 20th I contacted Mobibeagles because I was interested in the puppy Nana. I received a text stating that delivery would take just 8 hours and would cost $150 delivery fee plus the cost of the puppy, so a total of $650. I sent the money through the cash app to $puregardens which came up as the name Mendez. Did not hear anything back for a couple days, so on the 22nd I texted them inquiring about the next steps, they tried to state at first they did not receive my payment, so I emailed them the web receipt from cash app.they were going to verify with their bank and get back to me. The next I texted again to see if they confirmed payment, which they did, so they would get back to me with delivery information. Over the next 3 days I kept texting regarding delivery. On Friday June 26th I receive. Text from Mike with delivery information. The first text from Mike stated I would receive my puppy that day, then I get a text regarding needing insurance and health certificates for a total of $870, with the $700 to be refunded at delivery. I sent the money through cash app to $Che248 and kept texting for delivery status, since she did not come that day. On the 29th I get a notice from Mike that there some issues and Nana would be delivered that day. Then another text that she was now in Alabama but due quarantine issues I needed to pay $1600 which $1000 would be refunded. I sent the money through the cash app to $jacksonB237. I have not heard anything else from them since even though I have been texting and emailing. I am trying to get my money back through the cash app. DO NOT USE this site when trying to find a puppy.

Shane – Jul 07, 2020

Were you able to receive your money back? Same thing happened with me with $700

Tristan – Jun 30, 2020

When I first saw this website, I was very happy and excited to buy a puppy from this website. Mobi beagles is a fraud. I payed $650 for a puppy named “Utah”. I payed for it through cash app named”$puregardens” with the name Mendez along with it. I was in contact through emails with the people or person and would tell me that the dog was friendly,well trained and even sent me another picture of the dog. After sending the money a day later the person contacted me and asked for my number to send to the shipping company. The shipping company is named “Pac swift Logistics” and looks very real and convincing. Then a man by the name “Mike” telling me he had”picked up my puppy and that it was ready.” Then he sent an email to be talking about insurance for the travel, he said that it would be $1000 for the insurance and $170 for some medical papers. They said that my money would be given to me in cash when I would be delivered my puppy. So as anyone who was very excited into getting a new dog I bought it and Sent the money through cash app to an account named “$JamesP371”. So all $1170 plus the $650 was sent to “buy this puppy.” After I had sent the $1170 I had asked for a receipt and wanted the fact that my money was going to be giving to me back in cash in words. They sent me a receipt. So a total of $1820 was scammed out of me from these people, I don’t know if it was the same person or not. After receiving this receipt I went along with my day and even went to Petsmart to buy puppy food, bowls, and a collar. When I had asked the person going as “Mike” He said my puppy would be delivered at 6pm. Six pm rolled around and not puppy. No call, No text. I waited assuming they’re were backed up in traffic or something. Then 8 came and nothing. I called and nothing no answering no nothing. The number said it was discontinued and I sent emails to all of them and nothing. I’ve tried calling with other phones and nothing. Radio silence. Please do not PLEASE DO NOT. Buy from the company. Do not fall for their scams. I’m heartbroken because all that money was stolen and I had no dog delivered. I will be demanding my money back from both Mobi Beagels and the service company. These people are cruel and are just laughing at people’s faces when they just want to buy a new furry friend.

These are the emails and numbers of these horrible people:
[email protected]
[email protected]
+1 (857) 280-0406
+1 (213) 788-9912
Please I beg people to help take down their websites.

Leslie – Jun 26, 2020

My wife and I wanted to purchase this cute little beagle girl named Nana, so I reached out on the website I received a text asking where I was located and I responded. Then there was nothing else. I respond to the text the next day and asked was she available? I got a response stating she was. So I asked what the process was. I was told to give them my name and address, along with my email address so they could get it to the delivery service which would contact me with a tracking number after I paid them through cash app. I paid them $500 dollars for the puppy and $150 for delivery to cashapp tag $Mesmine Tayou. I then asked how long does it usually take before we get the puppy. They started in saying please give us some time as we are trying to make arrangements and I stated how hard is it to answer a question? The man whom says his name is Mike Davies and that he lives at 801 Maplewood Cir in Layton, Utah 84041 says I’m pleading with you give me some time. I heard nothing for the rest of the night. The next morning I wake up and reach out with no response. Finally after 2 hrs I get a response stating they’re working on the shipping arrangements. I say please refund my money. I have changed my mind. He is then like what is wrong madame? I am like this just doesn’t feel right and I would like a refund, I’ve already requested it on cash app. He states ok and I wait. Reach out again asking how long is it going to take and I get no response. Don’t be fooled! The website looks great and very professional. But I should’ve known better with a 213 area code for the phone number and they say they are in Utah.

Gina – Jun 26, 2020

I’ve been texting with this person today About nana and I let them know about this posting and that I didn’t feel like it was right and that I’m not trying to get scammed and the person replied to me to come and meet them in Utah to see if they are real or not and I feel like that is kinda strange I’m not really sure what’s up with this company but I’m going just have to pass on nana.

Lauren – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 95363

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My wife and I wanted to purchase a puppy. Found a very looking professional site and read their about, checked the testimonials, read the health declaration. Everything looked legitimate. I reached out through the website inquiring about a beautiful puppy girl named Nana. I received a text asking where I was located and responded with my city and state. Then there was nothing until the next day when I asked through the text whether or not Nana was available which the response was yes. So I asked what the process was because my family was interested. They asked for my name and address, along with my email address so that they could pass it on to the delivery service, which I supplied them with. I in turn asked how did I know this wasn’t a scam to which they replied that he was a christian man and wouldn’t scam people. I asked for his name and address and he gave me a name Mike Davies living at 801 Maplewood Cir in Layton, Utah 84041. They then told me I could make my payment through cash app $500 for puppy and $150 for delivery to cash app tag $Mesmine Tayou, which I did. I then asked how long would it take before we received the puppy and was told please give me sometime. I then stated how hard is it to answer a question and they responded that they were pleading with me to give them time. I heard nothing for the rest of the night. I reached out the next morning by text and then by phone and got no response nor answer. I go to cash app and request a refund. Some 2 hrs. after the text i get a response stating they are preparing my puppy for delivery. At this point I tell them I am not comfortable with this transaction and would like a refund. After some back and forth about not understanding why I want a refund, they agree to refund my money. I am still waiting. Please stop these predators!!! Shut down their website.

Edwin – Jun 19, 2020

Victim Location 33487

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Other

i contacted the "breeder" thru their website and over the course of a couple of days getting info from them (due dligence), decided to purchase 2 of his beagle puppies to be shipped to my son in L.A. (I live in FL, Son lives in CA) Breeder said he was in Salt Lake City UT. I sent $1300 payment thru Zelle to him and once he received verification from me that it was done, he said he was handing them over to the shipper (who, when asked gave me the name of a legit shipping company which made it all the more believable). Shipper also said he was located in Salt Lake City. The shipper then called to say he needed an additional $920 (700 for insurance & 120 for documents) and said the $700 would be fully refundable upon delivery of the dogs. So I sent $700 (the limit I could send from my bank, thankfully) and said I’d send the rest next day. He said OK. Then shipper called to say the dogs were on their way for delivery….but, low and behold,….the pups never arrived. Waited 1.5 hours and called them back…and the number was disconnected! That was when we realized we had been victimized to the tune of $2000. Throughout the entire transaction, we only communicated via text and did not receive any supporting documentation.

there were several email addresses used by them: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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