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Rose – Nov 20, 2020

I received a certificate of good standing recently stating that I need it to send them $73.75 which is a lot more than what it even costed me to register my LLC. I am appreciative of this reporting here on this site and letting me know that this is not real. I also noticed on here they are trying to get my name email and phone number period if this was real and from the state they would not need this information.

Shannon – Sep 14, 2020

This compnay is a scam. You do not need to pay them a dime but they send you an official looking letter like you need to do something additional after you have registered your business with the Secretary of State. I sent them a note in their return envelope with NO POSTAGE and their address as the return address so that they will have to pay the postage.

Derrick – Jun 16, 2020

Victim Location 63125

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

Less than two weeks after starting a new business and getting our EiN, we received a letter asking for $63.75 to receive a Missouri Certificate of Good Standing. This was a "one step left in order to attain your elective Certificate of Good Standing".

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