MMC Service LLC

Cara – Nov 12, 2020

Wow! Same experience for me with this company for me to setup office in detroit. It was such a let down for me doing my job search! I still couldnt figure out what the scam was…because I made sure Leon knew (in my email) I will do the work (purchasing) once I’ve the money in my account – so, how were they planning to scam!

Carolyn – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 80129

Type of a scam Employment

A simple 15 minute interview with a rep from their HR group – Anna Dawson occurred and 2 days later I received a job offer and contract which i signed and returned. After 4 days of their training I received an email asking if I could help them to purchase office equipment – laptops and printers. They wanted me to set up a corporate account and they would transfer funds to my account so I could then use my credit card to purchase the equipment using the funds to pay the against the credit card. At this point I became suspicious and tried looking up members of the company on LinkedIN from their pngage, their places of business etc and nothing hit. The main contact is an individual called Leon Berg who does have a LinkedIN account:

I have called their offices repeatedly with no answer, it just rings and rings.

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