Abby –

Victim Location 21133

Total money lost $173.11

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

On cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday, November 27, 2017, I searched the internet for Michael Kors handbags that were on sale. After searching several, I decided to use because that website appeared to be an official website. Its format was very similar to Michael Kors’ authentic website. Its claim was that I could save up to 80% on 2017 bags. I selected three, tired to place the order using my credit card, but was unable to do so after three attempts. I decided that something was wrong with my card, so I decided to try my  [bank]*** debit card and the order was placed immediately. I did not know why [credit union] ***’s credit card had been rejected until the next day, November 28, when a representative from [credit union] *** called me to informed me that three attempts to place the order had been rejected the day before because the company was in China and the bank didn’t trust it as an official company.

I printed out all that was available about mkasales and took it to [my bank] ***  after two of the three handbags were finally received last week. The bags are not authentic and the website has been taken down. ***’s employee took my debit card to destroy it to prevent further fraud by mkasales and ordered a new card for me. She also completed and submitted to  [my bank] ***  a dispute form for me.

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