Randall –

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Employment

First i got a mail saying they are ready to hire me for a Finance manger position and i rejected the same as i dont have that much experience. Then again they contacted me and said they are going to start in this region for first time that’s why looking for a candidate with finance background and I did background check and all looks legal , then they sent me employment agreement and I asked them to meet in person before proceeding they said not possible once all process over our agent will come and meet you. Agreement and other payroll process looks reasonable to me so I sent my personal details (state ID, bank details, passport, photo) and signed the contract as well. later she said am in trail period and I have to complete few tasks then they will hire me (after signing employment agreement they told me this) . First task: I have to send 20 dollar worth of bitcoin to a URL which she sent. she asked me to do during weekday but I said am working in another company so I cant but insisted me to do after 7. then I asked her whether I can do on weekend, she asked me to do asap. Saturday first half I have to complete this then Sunday she will give main task to me. But she didn’t responded to me after I completed my first task. Monday only contacted me that she will give next task next Saturday Sunday. Suddenly I got to know about ScamPulse.com scam tracker and when I went there got shocked they cheated so many people using different name. Still i don’t know its legal or not but I can see same pattern of scam in this site so avoiding further contact with them. Just uploading here to help others. be cautious. Still

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