MJ LLC Collections

Susan –

I visited the office yesterday. This is truly a company operating and expanding. I applied, I start work in January.

Nathaniel –

where? which office ?

Roger –

Is the company real? I have received and offer and i’m supposed to sign contract. Thank you in advance

Gabriel –

Type of a scam Employment

They contacted me with a variety of positions and said that the company was growing. They had me do a variety of online interviews, download secure apps for sending confidential files as the position was for collections. They then said that I had the position provided that I passed a probationary period. The salary that they were offering seemed too good to be true and I kept questioning them on that. While this was all going on, I tried searching to see if they were legit and on the surface it seemed so. Finally they wanted banking info so they could process transactions during the probationary time. This I had a hard time with because so many of the larger companies can do deposit only accounts. When I questioned them on this, they kept saying that it was just for the probationary period. With this I stopped communicating and they kept asking when the form would be filled out. I then tried to find the Canadian Head office of this company and I couldn’t find them. I then phoned a business at the address that they gave and the kind person that answered the phone couldn’t say if they were an actual business. I then called the ScamPulse.com and found out the the website was only 26 days old using google stock pics.

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