Wayne – Feb 16, 2021

I put an ad on Kijiji in 2019 in BC to sell a house in NS…it has long since expired but I continually am harassed because this company took over the ad, and continues to advertise it. The name on the ad is incorrect but unfortunately my phone # isn’t. I did not hire this company, never heard of it and am no longer selling this house. I asked them to remove it? They don’t? Who are they and how do I get rid of them?

Erica – Dec 04, 2020

we have just returned from Qld., & want to rent. we know the area well around the barossa & find that miluta has 30 plus homes for rent in lyndoch very hard to believe for the size of the town. makes me very aware not to contact them they don` even have a phone number. be careful

Suzanne – Mar 20, 2020

I tried and tried to look at a property I really was concidering purchasing.I went to the address to look at the property before I decided to speek to a realitor.The perso who answered the door thought I was crazy. This was posted on and also acouple I wanted to view on Obviously fradulent

Cassie –

Type of a scam Rental

Had someone direct me to regarding house rentals as she was starting to suspect the website is fraudulent. I work in a real estate office in a small town and am familiar with our current and recent home listings. I immediately recognized most of the homes, write ups etc as being that of local MLS listings for homes for sale. One example is a house where I personally know the owner who is elderly, awaiting personal care home bed and is by no means renting out her home. But its being offered for rent on this website. You can even send them $500 for a pet deposit if you have pets. Its all false! I am just looking at the homes for "rent" on this website in my small town, I can’t imagine if I started looking at Winnipeg’s listings. Before today I have never heard of the caller also informed me of and is another one. They seem to all be stealing photo and data from real estate listings. Perhaps there are legitimate listings in there but I didn’t have a lot of time to research each one. The fact that its all so convoluted … click a button to "contact" no phone numbers or contact names etc. The caller I spoke to has been waiting to hear back from these "landlords" and she said she wasn’t getting anywhere. I just want someone to be aware of these websites. I contacted Winnipeg Realtors to advise them and they told me to report it to the

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