Mister Onwuanaibe / Onwuanaibe Strategies Reviews - Mister Onwuanaibe / Onwuanaibe Strategies Scam or Legit

Latasha –

Victim Location 44304

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Investment

Ikechukwu Sam Onwuanaibe wanted me to join his crypto currency trading pool as part of his financial consultant business. I agreed to join his trading pool after he made me aware of the others who he work with, which I invested a couple thousand. I asked Ikechukwu to return the money. Every time I ask for the money back he finds an excuse to not being able to send it then he ignores text messages and phone calls. Ikechukwu is a fraud and a con- artist. He makes people believe he has a financial consultant business then after you invest he does not return your funds. The name of the consultant business is Mister Onwuanaibe corp or Onwuanaibe Strategies. Ike has been stealing peoples money for years and try’s to get one over on anyone he associates with. Doing my research I come to find that I am not the only one he has stole from.

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