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Type of a scam Online Purchase

MiraEssence skin care products, as allegedly endorced by T.V personality *** *** is a product of negative-option marketing. On their very attractive website is a chance to try out *** *** product for a nominal fee. I fell for it, and apparently didn’t read the small print. I was to cancel the product after 14days if I didn’t want to purchase the subscription. (which I might add was almost $300 monthly for 59 months!) When I noticed the purchases on my credit card this morning, I called my bank and fortunately there were two customer service phone numbers attached to the transactions. I might add that nowhere on their website is any contact number.

I called one of the contact numbers, and after a very long and somewhat heated discussion with the "supervisor" I was given a 75% refund on my credit card.

After some thought, I decided that 75% was inadequate so I am appealing to the BBB.

Note- unfortunately I didn’t keep the paperwork from the company with all of the small print that I allegedly missed.

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