Miracle Foundation Company Name Spoofing

Alex –

Victim Location 30319

Type of a scam Employment

Someone managed to slip an email through my university’s email system indicating that Miracle Foundation is looking for new hires for the accounts payable department. It is said that individuals can work from home. Before I apply for a job, I always research the company and look for reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. Most importantly, I check to see if they have an established website and LinkedIn profile. Miracle Foundation is a legitimate nonprofit. They have a presence on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the website is professional. However, this individual or group of people are using Miracle Foundation’s name and using one of the employees identity to scam people. Unfortunately, I am one of them.

I replied to the email with my resume. It was weird how I did not receive a phone interview; I was hired within a couple of days. Then, I was told to create a bank account with Regions and give them the access to make sure funds were used for its intended purpose because apparently "team members were not using funds correctly". The payment or funds given was supposed to purchase the necessary software to work from home. Yesterday (1/24), I received a payment in check form. Initially, I was going to deposit this check into the Regions account instead of my personal account with Wells Fargo, for he or she stated that the paychecks will be direct deposited into the Regions account. Of course, you can’t deposit a check into a new account, so I was advised to deposit into my personal and I certainly did not want to use my personal account. Big mistake. As I was completing the mobile deposit, Wells Fargo did give a message stating that the check would be on hold. My intuition was telling something isn’t right because usually when I deposit checks with my phone, I do not have any messages about placing a hold on a check. I did a thorough research and called the REAL Miracle Foundation, and the REAL office manager told me that it is a scam. For some reason, someone is using her name and the nonprofit’s name to scam people into thinking they can work for the nonprofit at home. If you go to bbb.org/scamtracker and search ‘Miracle Foundation’, the first response from September 2018 is exactly what I had to go through.

I immediately went to Regions bank to close the account and made sure online banking access was terminated. I called Wells Fargo and spoke to several individuals about stopping the check and I was told that I can do it. Fortunately, Wells Fargo has stopped the check, so my funds were not lost. The fraud department of Wells Fargo is aware of this. Also, the issuer on the check is a senior care facility, so it is a possibility that this person is using that business’s information as well. I have filed a police report and my university’s campus police is aware of this issue. I am also contacting the foundation and the senior care facility because their name and business is being affected.

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