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Savannah – Oct 05, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

My husband located this site on line. He looked at their puppies and urged me to reach out to them about one their pups. I completed an online inquiry form expressing interest in a particular puppy and providing basic contact info about me. They responded back to my submission with a information questionnaire claiming they wanted some details about me to make sure I could take good care of the puppy.
When I submitted that for there was a response email within 5 mins saying it was good to read about u and I qualify for one of their dogs. I told my husband that was a real questionnaire to determine my fitness as a potential dog owner became they came back too quickly. I said this is about cash. They just want money. From there my husband communicated with them because I was insistent this was not a good time for a pet and I felt we should wait. My husband thought otherwise and followed their directions and paid what they requested to a Cash App account. We received an email saying they would be sending the dog tomorrow. Shortly afterward, my husband asked me did they send the papers for the dog when I said no. That is when he realized it was a scam and he had basically given away the money because there wouldn’t be any dog.

Anthony –

Victim Location 19606

Type of a scam Online Purchase

First started searching online for a puppy when I came across I sent them an email asking them questions and to call us for I was leaving for work and my mother wanted to talk to the guy. They emailed back and called and the guy was "busy" and asked to call back. She tried calling him back and went to voice mail then I emailed them later that night about giving us a call back. This morning 2/13 the guy called and I started talking to him. I told him who I was and didn’t bother to give me a name back so I asked if the puppy was still available and he said yes and wanted me to give him a deposit on the dog before anything. I told him I would need to see if I was available then he told me I could only come down on a Saturday or Sunday!? Something didn’t feel right to me and that’s when I decided to look online and found and looked the "business" up and found nothing but bad reviews and how this was a scam and needed to be reported.

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