Mini T-Cup Yorkie Reviews - Mini T-Cup Yorkie Scam or Legit

Curtis –

Victim Location 20720

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Other

Contacted the website. Rec’d an e-mail. Had conversation between e-mail for a few, then I requested they call so I could know it was not a scam. Gentleman called, we worked out a deal where I would send 1/2 money upfront, and once I rec’d puppies I would send the remaining amount. Once I sent the $600 for 2 puppies I rec’d an e-mail from the supposed shipping company. Googled the shipping company and things started coming up about scam. Discussed this with him, he gave me the number for the shipping company. I called them and they proceed to tell me that I have to pay $1280.00 ea for insurance to fly. When I ask this guy why he did not tell me about the insurance he told me that he would pay it if I send the remaining of the $ I owed. Told him no, to return my funds. He then ignored me, and I have yet to hear from them. The Guy’s name was Thadeaus Presscot

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