Toni – Aug 23, 2020

Victim Location 23662

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

An account called @military.prx on Instagram ran a contest where you tag friends for a chance to win an item and then message them done. I tagged a few friends and then messaged DONE. A few days later was contacted by direct message that I won out of 350 people and they gave me a $65 discount code to use on a tactical backpack. I used the code on their site and turns out there’s a $20 shipping fee. I pay it because it still seems like a good deal for a “free” $65 bag. I don’t receive any type of confirmation email from them. I wait weeks and hear nothing so I reach out and can’t seem to get a response. I check my account and it shows they took the money out of the account. I’ve reached out with no real response and it’s been since April 2020. It’s now August 2020. Each time I reach out they ask when I ordered and when I answer, they don’t respond or they send me an email address to message that doesn’t get a response either. I understand a pandemic is happening but they have not given any indication they will fulfill it. It may not seem like much but if they’re doing this to multiple people I can see it being a real issue especially since they’re saying you win something and pocket the shipping and handling money. They also go by The Outdoor Shop.

According to the website, this company registered their website on 2/19/20 with the registrar being Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0157016172 out of Canada.

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  1. This is an absolute scam. Firstly, the “$100 Assault Pack” comes after 5 weeks from China, this address:

    Zhang Jiahua
    Great Wall Business 1702 Youai Rd
    Songshan Road Central, Zhang Zhou Henan 450000
    Phone: 861778151637

    The package when it finally arrives is literally the size of your hand.

    I haven’t opened yet, going to take a video.

    $23 shipping for a $10 max product that probably costs them $1 to make..

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