Military Hippie

Justin – Sep 01, 2020

I ordered a $75 jacket, got it & returned it as it wasn’t as long as it appeared online. they issued me a credit to use for merchandise only, then they go off the grid & are no longer in business & kept my $75 credit ! I just did a BBB (Better Business Bureau) claim on them in hopes of getting my $75 back

Wendy –

Victim Location 28205

Total money lost $36

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Not only was the product 3 weeks later than promised, they never gave me a confirmation email with an order number. Every time i inquired about my purchase i had to leave my name and address for some sort of reference. When I received the product it was extremely small, not close to the size chart by any means. When I returned it, the website clearly states no refunds, store credit only. Sure, I need a larger size. Nut again, no order number- only the bag and barcode. So how will I KEEP TRACK OF THIS? Now a month later, no email response, voicemail to contact phone is unable to take more voicemails. At this point i have my bank receipt, no product, no order info, and no response- two months after purchase.

Isaac –

Victim Location 28023

Total money lost $50.39

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Military Hippie is a clothing company directed towards women. I came across an add of theirs while on Instagram. Being that it was December (2019) they were advertising some " Fur Cozy Sherpa Fluffy Trousers PJs." I thought that these would be a perfect gift for my wife so I ordered two pairs of them. They advertised slashed/discounted prices to make you think that you are getting a good deal (which caught my attention). They also advertise impeccable (5 star) customer reviews on their website to make you think that customers are super satisfied with their experience with them. Those reviews are straight BS and are more than likely created by a Military Hippie employee. I realized that when I purchased the pjs that it was near Christmas, that many orders were probably flowing into their company potentially causing back order and shipping issues. The problem is, is that they have not reached out to me since my initial order. Weeks have gone by (3 now) with no shipping notification. I have attempted to call them multiple times, but no one ever answers the phone. It then goes to voicemail where you are unable to leave a voice message because their mailbox is full. I have sent multiple emails inquiring about my order. Each time I receive a response stating that someone will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours…still waiting for someone to reach out to me (almost a week later). I have also tried to IM them (something available on their website, but once again, no one ever responds. The worst part of all of this is that this company makes a claim on their website that some of their proceeds go to a "Women in Distress" charity. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and plan to contact my bank to pursue Military Hippie to acquire my money back. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!

Tyler –

Victim Location 80501

Total money lost $59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

facebook & instagram ads of clothing all over my feeds from awful fake business- ordered sweater, received confirmation of shipping & tracking sign of sweater or forward movement on the tracking, reached out via email ( because no one answered their phone) and was told to be patient. and that i would have the sweater in 3 days- a week after that email, still no sweater- emailed twice, once to check back & once to cancel my order, heard nothing- received sweater a couple days later- sweater was damp to wet, smelled horrible and had no tags sown into it, also it’s worth nothing it looked NOTHING like the picture of what i ordered. went online to request an "easy refund" and was told i would receive about half of what the cost of the sweater was and that would happen 1-2 wks after they received the sweater…not feeling super good about returning this piece of trash, i mean sweater.. i also think it’s worth noting the role that instagram played in my loss of $60 as they are an app that i use often& trust, though will NEVER be purchasing anything through their "sponsored" ads again.

Maria –

Victim Location 98258

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a sweater from this company. After several days, I received an email that the sweater I ordered was being updated to a "newer, better version". Another delay. The sweater showed up, and it was not at all the sweater I had ordered. This ‘other’ sweater was also flawed in multiple places, the knitting had been snagged. When I sent an email to the company, I received no response. I decided to try to return the sweater, and they are supposedly going to refund me $34 of the original $59 paid. With no explanation. This is the companies error?! Anyway, after further exploration into this company, it seems that this is the norm.

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