Natalie –

Victim Location 15221

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They advertise women’s clothing. I purchased a dress and paid extra to expedite the shipping for 5-7 days. Three days after I placed my order I still had not received information that it had shipped. I logged into my email and clicked on the link that said in process. When I got onto the website under the item there was an option to expand. It stated that it would take 8 days to create the order and another 5-7 to ship it. I was not happy that it would arrive almost 3 weeks after the purchase date, so I cancelled the order before it shipped. I was told they would only issue me a 50% credit for cancelled orders after the first 24 hours. Legally they can’t keep money if I have no product in my possession. I cancelled the payment by my credit card company. BEWARE and do not buy from this company. They are scamming people into believing you will get a timely item, so that when you find out you don’t and try to cancel, they try to keep money from you for an item you did not physically have a purchase for. This website should be banned in the US.

Amy –

Victim Location 56560

Total money lost $267.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am very disappointed in myself for not researching this company further; however, I hope to prevent someone else from getting caught. I ordered my Mother of the Groom’s dress from this website and when it arrived, it was the complete wrong color (based on their website), size (based on their graph), material and it had a horrible smell that was a part of the material. When I emailed the company to return it; they told me it was too expensive to return and I should try to sell it on my own. It is a horrible dress and I’ve been trying to work with the company for weeks. They refuse to assist me, and will not send me the return information. I have now noticed that some of the reviews on line state that when customers do try to return; they have been given incorrect address information and are told that it was never received. Horrible company!

Adam –

Victim Location 90066

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I really should have done my research prior to ordering online from this company. It is a direct form China clothing company. To be clear there are some very good ones. This one is not. The items pictures are of the best fabrics, well made and tailored. Their descriptions use such words as "chiffon" to describe the material used but the material of the garments sent are more like halloween costume material. They have a sizing chart to help you select a size. The items they send do not match the measurements which they have listed. Each of the above scenarios require you to send it back to the company in China at the customer’s expense. Their return process requires you to upload pictures of the faulty garments and will not process your request without photos. Unfortunately, the file upload button for photos does not work, therefore your request for return can not be processed. What you receive in the mail is nothing like the picture. When you look at the review of the item all of them are short one sentence review all 5 stars. I have hard time believing theses are legitimate reviews. This company is misleading from start to finish. This company should not be allowed to operate in the united states. Their pictures, descriptions and measurements are misleading. The shipping times listed are false. They claim easy return with 100% guarantee but the process is so difficult and only allows return with photographic proof which their website does not support. I do not seek reparation for myself but I hope other consumers will be saved from this website. I really hop you are able to research.

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