Mihaela Minca

Brian – Feb 09, 2021

Mihaela Minca – Anda Mihaela – Casanndra Buzea – they are faking that they have super power which can help you fulfil your wishes by spell. Romania are full of Gypsies trying to cheat money from the fools and desperate.
They do not have any power at all.
We were been foolish and our money have been cheated by them. And they will continue to threat, scare you with lies so to make you continue to engage them to do spells for you.
However, for more than a year passed.
Nothing has change.
No testimonies. Zero positive comments about them online.
They get so rich now by cheating money from people out there who believe that they have the power.
Mihaela Minca is a online scam. They have no power.
They are paying pay websites to promote themselves.

Everyone Don’t be a fool and fall into their strategy scam!

Abby – Aug 04, 2020

I paid minca yo perform a ritual to help me get a job 600 dollars. They are so pushy to get their money like you have to py now i can help you and guarantee you but you have to pay now. Then she promised me a phone chat when she begins the ritual i waited she did not call then next day and next day nothing then promised me to perform like a future telling never happened then instruction what to do after the ritual is done never happened so i kept on calling and messaging then she THREATENS ME to perform a black magic on me if i keep messaging her. Then she lies that she wasn’t home or she cant go to the place she is performing it. But the biggest scam here besides her magic not working is that she PERFORMS RITUAL FOR A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE NOT INDIVIDUAL NOT FOR FOR YOU PERSONALLY! And no matter what you adk for she will performa black magic removal put you the same group. All it is she buys supplies for one person worth maybe 10 us dollars but performs for 100s of people at once and puts your picture there and thats it NOT WORTH 600 dollars.
Then she asked me for 2000 dollars more 😑 who in their right mind would py that much especially when the spell didnt already work so i just lost my money

Levi – Jul 25, 2020

These are another bunch of Romania gypsies with no real power.
No results, over price and said 100% guarantee within 9 days to 30days.
They had advertised everywhere in Broadly and Vices from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

Their procedure of spam comes with the below strategies.
Firstly I tried a love spells with them, then after 3 days they mentioned that I have been hex by another woman who is with the man.
Need to pay another throwback hex spell to that woman.
A week later, they mentioned you need to buy protection talisman.
Her daughter asked you to buy her a new smart phone because she helped to send the Talisman package, LMAO!
And of coz i didn’t buy her the freaking phone.

Bunch of Romania gypsies with no real power as shown in the Youtube.

I have questioned them why more than 10 months and no results?
They said I need to buy another talisman in Gold becos the girl put up another devil hex on me!
When ask for more money, they speedy replies your messages.
When you do not entertaining anymore and ask for updates of spells. They don’t reply you and ignore.

Then their mother Mihaela Minca gave excuses that she’s sick and in the hospital, her daughter had complication of giving birth and so on. Can’t give updates or perform rituals.

Gals please stay away from them and this is my personal experience sharing.

Billy – Apr 02, 2020

I payed her Thousands of dollars and they asked for more
It’s absurd the way these gypsies people scam! PLEASE ANYBODY WHO SEES THIS DON’T BELIEVE THEM GYPSIES IT’S A SCAM..

Lance – Feb 26, 2020

Yea, I’m her clients too and the spells never manifest. She kept asking to pay and pay.
Her daughter even ask me to buy her new phone becos she helps to send Talisman over.
Really ridiculous. I paid for the Talisman and why i should i buy her daughter a phone becos she prepared the sending?
My spells have not no result of yet. And they did not reply my messages as well.

Larry – Mar 09, 2020

<span title="http://www.witchesofeurope.com/?utm_medium=company_profile&utm_source=trustpilot&utm_campaign=logo_click
http://www.witchesofeurope.com/?utm_medium=company_profile&utm_source=trustpilot…⇄ />

Please take note.

Douglas – Mar 17, 2020

Victim Location 03301

Total money lost $593

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mihaela is a psychic and a witch and does rituals for people. i was despearate to find a job and i find her on the internet and she promissed me that she will help me be sucessful and guaranteed it. then she rushed me into paying asap. as soon as i pay she stopped contacted me. before i paid, she told me that she needs to see me on the chat to make a connection with me, so i waited that time, and she did not call, so no video chat that she says it is necessary. then i called her she says tomorrow, tomorrow comes and she says next tomorrow (english is nor her first language) then i waited and waited. the video would also show that she is doing something with your piccture and candles and stuff around it as shown on her advertisement. but she also told me that she will giveme a report and tell me after the ritual is done what i need to do next and the things i need to buy for luck. so i kept calling and calling and texting to give me results no contact anymore. then i checked her facebook page she wasn’t even in romania which is where i paid 593 dollars yes that much, so she wasn’t even there she was in LA. she would not answer my calls and then i contacted her daughter Casandra who is workign with her, and she says that the ritual should be performed for 20 days. it is now third month and still no report nothing from Mihaela. she took my money and i see no results i didn’ t see the pictures or videos of my rituals being done. she also guaranteed me that the resuls are immediate. nothing. she is a scam.

Jaclyn – Mar 12, 2020

Felt bad for you dear
If you can fly to India, I could help you dude
I too have heard of her practices
Even in my country, 99 people out of a century will do nothing
I hardly met 4 to 5 genuine baba’s after coming across hundreds of them.

Eugene –

I saw another websites on the complains

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