Erik – Aug 02, 2020

Victim Location 97006

Total money lost $25.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed this order (#20352) back on 4/22/2020. On 4/28 I emailed ([email protected]) to get tracking number. Then on 5/2 I received email saying my order shipped via DHL with tracking # (420970069374869903504803815237) that could not be found (didn’t take to DHL website but to https://www.17track.net/en). On 5/10 emailed to question the status. and received the same day this email "Hello, due to the impact of the epidemic, the flight is more urgent, and we are already dispatching it urgently, please understand us, thank you, and wish you a happy life". On 5/18 sent this email "I understand that due to the pandemic shipping can take some time, but since you gave me a DHL tracking number I expected to be able to track this package, when in actuality this tracking number does not exist. I feel there is a fraud going on, so my question is have my order shipped or not (Yes or No)?" and received on the same day this response "Hello, your package has been sent, but due to the slow logistics update speed during the epidemic, please be patient". Then on 6/9 I inquired again about my purchase and received the following "Hello, your package has been sent out, but due to the impact of the US epidemic and riots, the logistics speed will be slower, and we can especially understand your mood, but we need to understand each other. If it is not this epidemic, I I believe you have already received the parcel, please understand us, thank you. During the epidemic, reduce going out, remember to wear a mask when going out, and please pay attention to safety when going out. The riots in the United States are now more serious." On 6/10 I sent the following "I believe I have been extremely patient due to the epidemic. The riots have nothing to do with deliveries. The tracking number you’ve given this order still does not register on the DHL as you stated it was being shipped. You say my order has been sent out, so why can I not track this package? Please respond.". Six days later 6/16 received "Your shipping status has been updated. The following items have been updated with new shipping information. YANWEN tracking number: UF254535477YP; Your order is confirmed. We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status.". It takes me back to their tracking website (https://www.17track.net/en) with this message "UF254535477YP Not Found; Unknown YANWEN; Unknown This number can’t be found at this moment. It’s not available in the carrier’s system yet. Please check back". Today I emailed them back "Ok I’ve order this product back in APRIL! My patients is null! I’m reporting to BBB!"

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