Midtown safety training and placement

Jerry – Oct 11, 2020

They took 300$ from me and said they where go to help find me a job and never did . And they also gave me a fake OSHA card and I’m still unemployed.

Virginia – Sep 01, 2020

Scammer’s phone +1 (929) 229-1228

Scammer’s website Www.dynamicssolutions.com

Scammer’s address 501 West 39th st Manhattan New York, NY 10018

Scammer’s email N/A

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Phone

At first I was contacted by this number,
+1 (929) 229-1228
The lady over the phone told me to come with my id, social security, resume and $150 for training corse purposes.
I did find it a little shady once I arrived and realized they were renting a location in a warehouse.
They gave me some papers to fill out, Once in the interview, The lady told me about a special osha training and that it was $300 in total so i could leave the $150 i had originally with me and to come back and drop off the remaining $150 and that then they’ll schedule me for training and have me set up with my location, work schedule. I came back on the scheduled date and there was nothing there anymore and the numbers no longer worked.

Steve – Mar 21, 2020

I was given a call about a janitorial job at a warehouse and asked if I was OSHA Certify. I told I told the person no, then I was explained that I needed to be certified and that they can arrange this for me for $150 dollars. When asked if I can get refunded if I didn’t pass or take the job I was told yes.

At the interview site, who is housed at two storage units at Gotham Storage, located at10th Avenue in Manhattan, I was interviewed by someone who call himself Mr. Johnson. He pressed me hard to give him $150 dollars for an OSHA training and explained that the real cost is $299 and that the remaining balance should be paid at La Guardia Community College where the class would be held. Upon leaving I realized that the paper he gave me said that “there are absolutely no refunds’ contradicting the guy on the phone and my receipt was signed with the name Andre.

This is a scam plain and simple.

Daniel – Aug 22, 2020

Same thing happened to me there number is 6469706321

Jillian – Mar 07, 2020

Victim Location 11375

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

(midtown safety) you receive a phone call telling you they are hiring for warehouse jobs. asked if i had a fireguard license. i told them it has expired they then told me it was not a problem. they did training there. only thing is bring 100$. i went to 501 w 39th street. renting an office inside gotham storage. paid them the 100$. not suprised i was asked for more money. $199 more dollars. i said you have to be kidding me. already gave them the money before he said that and say thair are no refunds. i told them then that i have been scammed more than once. it didnt feel right. he then says that i should have called the consumer affairs. i did call on them, midtown safety aka metro safety. no luck because i wasn’t 100percent sure but felt it in my gut. i was then told to go to another location in queens for training. 71-34 ausin street, forest hill queens. something told me not to go. i refuse to lose out on any extra money. the lady then called and said they were still hiring. i explained to her how i felt. she gave me a human resource number to call. i called and she tried to convince me as well. i told them ok fine i will come for training but you guys have to get me a job. i now said lightbulb. research the queens address and see whats going on because none of the business names were online. so within 10min. i am writing this complaint. i do want my money back. i work hard for everything i have. stealing from people, their children and family is not cool at all.

Teresa –

Just got me for the same thing. But $150 for a $80 online osha card. Ridiculous

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