Joseph –

Victim Location 62561

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 04-25-2019 I was searching for an item on Amazon. My computer froze and a running loop message kept saying the computer was hacked, do not unplug or shut off, click on the link for immediate help. The symbol looked like Windows, and the name was MicroTechnical, so I thought it was MicroSoft.

The man sounded like he was from India, and said his name was Sam Reeds. He was very convincing. I was told 23 people were on my computer accessing information, my entire network IP address was compromised, as well as all devices used on the network, and they could fix it all for $249.90. I did agree and gave a credit card number. The caller then pushed me to get additional long term support, which I declined. They were very pushy. They had me print out a customer service ID and a transaction number. They then spent several minutes on the computer, and told me it was all fixed. They said they would call back the next day to be sure everything was working well, and the call was terminated.

At this point, I realized it was a scam. I called the bank, changed all passwords on all accounts, and called the credit card company. They recommended cancelling the card, which I did. I then took the computer to a local business I have used in the past, and had it checked. They removed all compromising data, and installed a security program.

I have spoken to the credit card company multiple times, and the $249.90 charge has never posted. The company has called multiple times, and I have not answered. They have also emailed multiple times. My husband spoke to them once when they called and told them we think it is a scam and were going to report it.

Another company called 04/30/2019 to say I needed to pay $299.00 for the auto renewal for the anti-virus on the computer. They said it was purchased two years ago. I told them I had never purchased such a program, and they said it must be a mistake and they would send a cancellation form.

I have not spoken to the company or replied to their e-mails. I took my other two devices to the local computer company to be checked for spyware, malware, and any other issues. The total I will likely be charged to clean up my devices is $300. I am fearful that some of my accounts will be compromised. I learned an expensive lesson. I should have unplugged the computer, and it would have all gone away. The web site I clicked on said adAmazon, NOT the https://amazon.

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