Sara –

Victim Location 15668

Total money lost $11,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

July 30–Received email that my computer Security protection was expiring–$999. would be applied to my acct. Unless I cancel– get $200.refund

As far as I know I never contracted for computer Security Protection with MicroTech. On Aug. 2 I cancelled and was contacted by their rep.

Isaac Jones–told me he had to take over my computer to find the refund page. Was told to type in $200. refund—When I looked at the amt. on

the it read 2000.—now I was told I would have to make up this excess refund amt. by going to BEST BUY (was told the company had Best Buy

stock) and purchase gift cards totaling 1800. I had to read the numbers to him so he could enter them into the Acct. Dept. site. Was told that

that 1 card had a wrong number so they couldn’t accept any of the gift cards. Was told to go to WALMART (another company that MicroTech had stock with) and do the process again. This time all the numbers were right. Recently I put in all the Best Buy numbers and the cards all showed a 0 balance telling me the cards had been good and I bought at Walmart for nothing. SCAMMED! On Aug. 3 I was told I would get my money but the Acct. Dept. could only process a check for 8000.–I was told to make up the difference between the 3600. in gift cards, plus the 200. refund (3800. total) and the 8000. ($4200.) . I had to send in cash, wrap cash in Tin foil to avoid detection by scanning and send via UPS to their SECURITY DEPT. Rep. in CA (sending cash is highly ILLEGAL). The person to receive the box was: Ryan Lee, 712 Freeman Ave. Inglewood, CA 90304. Box was accepted in CA by Lee. On Aug. 10 I was told that before I could receive the 8000. check I had to send a SECURITY DEPOSIT of 3500.–" then I would get my check". Same sending process; accepted by new person, Tiffany Lee, 3711 Kimber Drive, Newbury Park, CA 91320—was accepted. NO CHECK SENT TO ME. Am now at 11,550. owed to me by MicroTech. On Aug. 27 I was told by Isaac Jones in Maryland to view my check in an email message. Check was there but was for 21,500. not the amt. owed, 11,500. Was told that the ACCOUNT DEPT. couldn’t write a check that was under 20,000. To top it off the check viewed was a fraud. Wrong bank address; routing and acct. numbers the same, etc. No bank would ever have cashed this. Later I was told "this was only a sample check"–I should have been told this in the beginning. Now to get my money I was to send 10000. in cash via online banking–then "I will get my money via a valid check". As of Oct. 2 the refund issue still has not been resolved with them and probably won’t be without your help. They need to be investigated for this has been a SCAM since the beginning—I just didn’t realize this until too late.

Andrea –

Victim Location 33907

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was online and clicked on a sight and a screen came up that said my computer was getting ready to crash and I should call 844-244-8578 right away. I did this and George from Microtech answered the phone and I allowed him to get into my computer and he said there was malware, spyware and Trojans on my computer. He me to give him money to clean up our computer. I told him I needed to talk with my son and he said fine, call me at 866-647-7888 and ask for George at #118. My son called both of these numbers and the phone immediately hung up.

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