Microsoft Xsecure

Holly –

Victim Location 97338

Type of a scam Tech Support

A few days ago I got a call from a man telling me he was with Microsoft computers and that my computer was sending them messages that it had Malware and Spyware viruses and and that they wanted to help me after a bit of my refusing to want to listen to him I hung up. He called me right back and asked why I hung up. I told him that I did not want his help and hung up again. Today March 10, 2017 he called me back again. He had the same message and acknowledged that he had called a few days ago. I pumped him for information as to what he knew about my computer and he had an ID number containing 32 digits. He then gave me the name and phone numbers that I had listed above and told me that he had given out more info to me than he has ever shared. (I doubt that!) I said would call the to see if there was any thing that should concern me before I would do business with him. Also that I would check with my computer support team that takes care of me. He told me basically that those support people do not have the training that it would take to help me. I also told him that my world wold not come to an end if my machine crashed! gave me a thumbs down on this character as I knew they would and a phone number for Microsoft!. Thanks go get them!

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