Microsoft Windows – acting as Reviews - Microsoft Windows – acting as Scam or Legit

Yolanda –

Victim Location 55746

Type of a scam Tech Support

They keep calling me and tell us that our computer has a virus and keeps sending them a message and that they need my computer information to fix it. The 1 time I answer I asked for a telephone number so that I could call them back the guys told me I couldn’t have it and then I asked to speak to the person in charge or name and he refused to give it to me. Told me it wasn’t none of my business. He finally got mad at me and hung up. The next time they called I asked who they were calling he stated he want to talk to the person in charge because my computer had a virus once again I told him if he didn’t know who he was calling he was trying to scam us and he started to argue with me and I told him he called me the same time the night before and he told me it wasn’t him and why would I think it was him told him then it was his brother because they talked a like and then he got into that i was racist and I told him he was a scam and I wanted his information if this was legit and he hang up on me. The 3rd time they called I told that person we didn’t own a computer and they hung up.

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