Microsoft Tech Support Imposter

Chase – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 75241

Total money lost $1,029

Type of a scam Tech Support

they pretended to be micro support tech they froze my computer and sent a message to my screen that said that my computer was at risk to call 1-888-654-3178 so called they told me to log on to push down the with the 4 squares and the r key at the same time then type when i did they took control my my computer as if they were fixing my computer after the went through different areas of my computer they cam to my banking information they told me that they need me to log into it they could not do this one thing for me i told them they i did not use my computer to log into my bank account they reminded that that they were trying to help me cause all my information was at risk so i did then they said that they would give me 150.00 back on the price i pay for spi ware but they needed me to type in the amount of the refund that they offered i should have known then

Preston –

Victim Location 14905

Type of a scam Tech Support

People calling on behalf of Microsoft, Trying to get you to screen share your computer. And "Fix" a Non existing problem. Lifetime fix for $200+, then hang up once they get your credit card info.

Henry –

Victim Location 13492

Type of a scam Tech Support

Hi,I have recently gotten a pop up on my computer saying it was infected,The gentleman sounded Indian,He told me my computer needed security and was trying to sell me antivirus,and firewall.He also said my computer would be locked but,he wanted a debit card but I told him I didnt use them,he proceeded to ask me to get one from a family member.I hope these people get caught,trying to take advantage of people,is so wrong.I hope they can be tracked with the phone number.

Carrie –

Victim Location 13340

Type of a scam Tech Support

Virus alert with Microsoft back screen saying I have a virus that has taken my credit card number Facebook passwords and other information. Says to cal support at 800 number foreign person tells me press windows key and letter R type in

Iexplorer and press enter it takes me to a page that ask for 6 digits, he gave me a code to type in and press enter. I figured it was a scam so I didn’t.

Brittany –

Victim Location 75061

Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone with a heavy Indian accent called me to tell me my computer was sending Trojan horses to other computers and being accessed remotely so they told me to get on my computer and she read my computer licensing number to me. She said she was calling from Microsoft’s computer licensing department and she then proceeded with telling me all about how my computer was going to crash if i don’t go to www. logmein123 and have her remotely access my computer to show me viruses and how to delete them. She said she got my husbands number because of our network connection account or something. She told me her name was Mary Wilson and said to call her back at the 1866 number and when i did i could hear the same thing when i called her it was loud in the background and some other people were talking loudly. presumably on phone calls as well. A man answered the phone when i called back and kept asking who i wanted to speak with so i told him i got a message and he didn’t say anything he was confused, i wanted to see what he would say so instead I hung up and then he called me back from a restricted number and that’s when i jut ignored it.

Carl –

Victim Location 13778

Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a call saying they were microsoft and that my computer was giving out error messages and could be a virus. I hung up so that is all I got , but I do have a number. 949-009-0301

Stephanie –

Victim Location 13039

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have received many calls from a (516) 635-4085 number, stating that they are calling from Microsoft and that something is wrong with my computer and they would like to remote in on it to fix the issue. I informed them that I do not own a computer and at that time they hung up on me. I have received theses calls for the last few weeks and they call constantly throughout the day.

Danielle –

Victim Location 13039

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been receiving numerous calls per days from Microsoft Tech support, phone number 812-402-2631 (Evansville Indiana is identified as location) I am positive this is not in regards to any virus information from our computer. When I challenge them they become rude and offensive. They have advised that I turn my ringer off to not hear the calls, that my husband has a computer he uses unknown to me, and that they will keep calling as often as they please.

Ana –

Victim Location 33444

Type of a scam Tech Support

they ask me to delete system 32

Marvin –

Victim Location 14060

Type of a scam Tech Support

We received a call from Microsoft saying they have received many error reports from my computer. He wanted to walk me through and "help me fit the problems". I asked for his name and address and he gave it to me, but I am not still not sure if this is legitimate or not. I am not falling for it. I will buy a new computer if this one crashes before I give anyone any personal info.

Ronnie –

Victim Location 14267

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call to home phone (listed in the book),stating they were from Microsoft and that they were receiving a message from my computer that had illegal, damaging software running. I said I needed an IP address so I wo u ld know what pc it was. They wanted me to sign into the computer and they would show me what needed to be corrected. The number that was displayed was 518 670 4187…Michanicville, N.Y. I just hung up on the call, as I said I would call my tech at Best Buy.

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