Microsoft Refund

Randy –

Victim Location 77630

Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a call from a guy with a foreign accent, stating i due for a Microsoft Refund, call them at 888-587-1362. Well, I have not a thing to do with Microsoft. So, why would I call them back? This is a scam!

Jermaine –

Victim Location 56303

Type of a scam Other

message says they have a $300 and some dollar refund to be paid to me because they are no longer supporting microsoft on my computer. They say I need to call back to get the refund. They called from 833-588-3344 nine times in one day and 518-730-9560 three time the same day with the same message.

Courtney –

Victim Location 77840

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called and told that my Microsoft purchase that I made was now being refunded and that they needed to get into my computer so that they could install a way for me to get the refund. After trying to get me to pull up my bank accounts, They said that I needed to have it deposited into a bank account. I asked if we could just do paypal and I would move the money myself to my checking account. They said they would and to watch for the money. I never received a transfer notification so I call back. A gentleman said that the system went down and that we needed to do it again. He has access to my mouse and asked that I walk out of the room because my phone was interfering with the system.

I said that I did but I did not. I watched him purchase an I tunes card through my paypal account. I wasn’t quick enough to stop it before it went through. He then told me that I should be surprised to see what is in my email and hung up. I am now asking that Paypal review and reverse this 100.00 transaction. I did call back several times to the number that they called me on and when I told them what happened, they said that they are a manager and that they just needed access to my computer again so that they could refund all of the money. Of course, I declined and told them that I would be reporting them.

There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.

Paid with


Your backup is AMEX x-3667


Online Services

Transaction ID


Seller info

PayPal Digital Gifts


Invoice ID


Purchase details

$100 App Store & iTunes Gift Card$100.00

Item #US-01-001-001-100-000


Glenn –

Victim Location 21210

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

A guy by the name of James Williams his Id number is the following is Ir280729 .There was also another guy by the name of Sam Baker and his ID number was the following IT119201.They said I was to get a refund of 498.87 .To get the refund I had to take 500 out of my checking the guy wouldn’t lose his job.They also curse me out.

Seth –

Victim Location 80908

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called stated that Microsoft is being forced to close and in closing, all people with Microsoft products are due a refund. Multiple Microsoft products may result in multiple refunds.

John –

Victim Location 44647

Type of a scam Other

they said I had a refund coming to me thru Microsoft wanted to use western union . He deposited $2500 in my paypal account then wanted me to go to western union with $2400 cash to transfer to them and I would have a tracking number. I have no money and I couldn’t withdraw out of my paypal acct . he began threaten me by getting money with cr card on file. have no cr. card paid with paypal. whent back to check paypal and found that the deposit amount was gone I thank the hole thing was a scam

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