Microsoft Prize Winning Compensation Funds

Morgan – Aug 31, 2020

Victim Location 84414

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS SCAM. This is the email I received.

Microsoft prize winning compensation FUNDS.

You have won yourself a sum of $10.6 USD (TEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) on our random email selection on Microsoft prize winning exercise, This exercise is held periodically and is organized to encourage the use of the Internet and promote computer literacy worldwide You are to provide the below personal information to (MICROSOFT COMPANY) to enable them process your claim.


COMPANY EMAIL:[email protected]

LOCATED IN: Redmond,Washington

ADDRESS : 5000 148th Ave NE, Redmond,Washington 98052 USA

(1). Full Name:

(2). Address:

(3). Nationality/Gender:

(4). Age:

(5). Occupation:

(6). Phone:

(7). Country:

(8). Monthly Income:

Congratulations once more from the entire management and staff of Microsoft Cooperation to all our lucky winners this year. Thank you for being part of this promotional lottery program, Our special thanks and gratitude to Bill Gates of Microsoft and all his Associates for alleviating poverty round the world.

note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it.You can also contact this number:+1[229]218-9425

(1). Award Numbers: UK/149/2015

(2). Batch Numbers: MSOFT/421/8PDH

(3). Reference Numbers: GB/54/132/921/MSOFT


Mr.Jemes Harrison

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